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561 Academic Festivals Brahms, J. Safranek Carl Fischer Overture Full 2005

562 Accolade Moore Chappell & Co. March Full

563 Aida Verdi Caneva Hal Leonard Opera Full 1999

564 Air for G String Bach J.S. Cacavas, John J.W. Pepper & Sons Classical/Trans. Full 1995

565 Al Hirt Medley Yoder, Paul Hanson Ed. Music Dixieland Full 1999

576 Alfalfa Club March Howard Kepner Southern Music Co. March Full Sum '83

All Occasion Band Book Studio P./R. Misc. / Traditional Sm.

569 All Sports March Farnon, R. Cacavas, John Chappell & Co. March Full 1985

566 All Those Endearing Young Charms w/Baritone horn solo Mantra Brasch (Copied) Traditional Full 1988

567 Alla Barocco Giovannini Robinson Sam Fox Publishing Co. Folk Rock Full

577 Alpha & Omega Yoder, Paul Piedmont Music Co. March Full

570 Amadeus (March, Serenade, Turkish, Finale)" Mozart, W A Curnow, James Jenson Publ. Co. Classical Full 1995

572 Amazing Grace Ticheli, Frank Beach Music Religious Full 2000

571 Amazing Grace (Bagpipe Version) Sm.

573 America, Anthem from/ N.Y., Light Guards/Quickstep/The Dream is America Bloch, E.;F. Brown; M. Leigh; C. Bun J.C. Penney (gift) Bicentennial Musical Celebrati Full

424 America, Variations on Theme" Ives Rhoads, Wm. Merion Music, Inc." Theme/Var. Full

574 America; Norwich Cadets; Federal March; Garfields Inaugural March Billings, W.; Gilmore, P; Rienagle, A; Sousa, JP J.C. Penney (gift) Bicentennial Musical Celebration Full

579 American Civil War Fantasy Bilik Southern Patriotic Full

578 American Eagle Waltz Offenbach Reed, Alfred Belwin Mills Waltz Full 1986

580 American Folk Rhapsody #1 Grundman, C. Boosey & Hawks Folk Medley Full 1996

583 American Overture for Band (2) Jenkins, J.W. T. Presser Overture Full

584 American Pageant (For Symphonic Band Knox, Thomas Ludwig Music Pub. Co. Patriotic Full

American Patrol Gray Whitney "Mutual Music Society, Inc." March Sm

586 American Patrol Meacham, F.W. Carl Fischer March Full 2000

91 American Salute Gould, Morton Lang Belwin Mills March Full 2000

587 American Sea Rhapsody Cacavas, J. Belwin Mills American Folk Full

588 American Spice Nestico, S. Charter Novelty Full

590 Americana Erickson, Frank Belwin Mills Patriotic Full 1993

589 Americans We Fillmore, H." Fennel, F. Carl Fischer March Full 1995

591 Amparita Roca Texidor Winter Boosey Hawks March Full 1995

592 Amphion McGinty, Anne Queenwood Full 1988

1132 Anchors Aweigh Miles-Zimmerman "Yoder, Paul" Robbins Music Corp. March Sm.

1051 And A Happy New Year "Christiansen, J." "Kendor Music, Inc." Christmas Full 2000

593 Angel Eyes Dennis DeCamp Beechwood Music Corp. Jazz Full

594 Annie Strouse "Higgins, John" Jenson Publ. Co. Showtune Full " '84, S/R '02"

595 Annie Get Your Gun Berlin, Irving" "Leidzen, Erik" Berlin Music Corp. Showtune Full Sum '84

597 Anything Goes Porter, Cole" Jennings Warner Bros. Movie Theme Full 1999

598 Apartment Theme, The" Williams, C." "Werle, F." Belwin Mills Contemporary Full Spr '89

Armed Forces Salute Lowden, R" Hal Leonard Publ. Corp. Military Full Every July 4th

599 Armenian Dances Reed, Alfred C.L. Barnhouse Folk Full

600 Army & Marine Concert Mar. Sousa, JP "Gore, Harold" Studio March Full

601 Arsenal Van derRoost, Jan" Dehaske Full Sp. 98

602 Aspirations & Reflections Starer, R." MCA Music Contemporary Full

605 At The Gremlin Ball Hill, Charles Lee" Carl Fischer Dixie/Dance Quarto

604 Atlantis Foley, Keith" Hendon Music Contemporary Full 1987

606 Atropos (Scherzo) Weiner, L." Ludwig Publ. Co. Symphonic

607 Australian Up-Country Tune Grainger, Percy" "Bainum, Cliffe" "G. Shirmer, Inc." Folk Full 1999

608 Bacharach & David Popular Medley (2) Bacharach, David" "Cacavas, John" Blue Seas Music Inc. Jack Music Inc. Medley Full 1985

609 Band In Style, The" Osterling, Eric" "Bourne, Inc." Novelty Full

610 Band of the Year (2) Bavicchi, John" N.Y. Oxford U. Press Overture Full 1983

612 Banderas Palmer Hughes Alfred Music Co. Inc. March (Span.) Full 1986

613 Bandolero Osser, Glenn" Leeds Music Corp Latin Full

614 Bandology Osterling, Eric" Fischer March Full 1991

611 Bands Around the World Yoder, Paul" "Walters, H." Rubank Inc. Medley Full

615 Barber of Seville Goes To The Devil O'Brein, Robert" Oxford Comedy Full

617 Barnum & Bailey's Favorites King, Karl" Bainum C.L. Barnhouse Co. Concert March Full 2001

1133 Barnum & Bailey's Favorites King, Karl" C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

616 Barnum, Selections from (Broadway Show)" Colman, Stewart" "Lowden, R." Notable Music Co. Inc. Pistby Big 3 Medley Full Sum '81

618 Bartlesville Boogie Paulson J. Rubank Novelty Full 2000

620 Battle Hymn Steffe "Gould, Morton" G & C Music Corp. Patriotic Full 1986

622 Battle Hymn of the Republic Schoenfeld Ringwald "Shawnee Press, Inc." Patriotic Full

40 Battle Hymn of the Republic "Smith, Claude" Jenson Publications Traditional Full

621 Battle of Jerico, The" Spinney, C.R." Belwin Mills Publ. Corp. Theme & Var. Full 2000

623 Battle of Shiloh, The" Barnhouse, C.L." "Paynter, John" C.L. Barnhouse March Full

624 Beach Boys Forever Brubaker, Jerry" Belwin Mills Inc. Medley Full 2000

626 Beautiful Galatea Suppe "Laurendeau, M" "Carl Fischer, Inc." Overture Full

627 Beauty & The Beast Ashman, R/ Menken, Alan" "Bocook, Jay" Jenson Pub. Movie Theme Full 1996

630 Begin the Beguine Porter, Cole" "Krance, J." Harms Inc. NY Latin Full 1994

628 Beguine Again Osser, Glenn" MCA Music Latin Full

629 Beguine Festival Osser, Glenn" Leeds Music Corp. Latin Full 1988

1052 Bell Carol Fantasy Curnow, James" Jenson Pub. Co. Christmas Full 2000

631 Bell Ringers, The" Yoder, Paul" Rubank Novelty Sm.

633 Bellavia Mangione "Holcombe, Bill" Gates Contemporary Full

632 Belle of Chicago, The" Sousa, JP "Gore, Harold" Alfred Publ. Concert March Full 1994

634 Bernstein Tribute, A" Bernstein, L" "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Medley Full 1993

635 Best of Julie Styne, The" Nowak, J" Hal Leonard Publ. Co. Showtunes Full 1984

637 Beyond the Blue Horizon Whiting, Harling" Kupferman Famous Music Corp. Showtune Full

638 Bible, The Theme from" Mayuzami Whitcomb Robbins Music Corp. Movie Theme Full "83,'84"

640 Big Band Dixie "Lowden, R." Big Bells Inc. Medley Full 2000

41 Big Band Favorites "Lowden, R." Hal Leonard Publ. Corp. Medley Full "'83, '89"

42 Big Band Polka Nowak, J" Big Bells Inc. Polka Medley Full "1995, 2003"

Big Brass Band from Brazil; back side/""Boogie Woogie, The Original" Hilliar, B.;Sigman, Carl" "Cacavas, John" Edwin H. Morris & Co. Latin Showtune Full Sum '88

641 Big Brass Band, The" Lavalle / Ventre Stranger Music Corp. March Full

1134 Big Ten School Songs (U of M) Univ. of Minn. March Sm.

Billboard March Klohr John Church Co. March Sm.

639 Billboard March (copies/enlarged Klohr John Church Co. March Sm. & enlg. 2001

642 Bix Beiderbecke in Concert Scott Robbins Music Corp. Jazz Full

643 Black Hole, The" Barry "Lowden, R." Hal Leonard Publ. Corp. Movie Overture Full "83,'84"

644 Black Horse Troop, The" Sousa, JP Sam Fox March Full "2001, 2003"

120 Black Is The Color of My True Love's Hair, Fantasy on (Woodwind Choir)" "Reed, Alfred" Marks / Mills American Folk Full

645 Black Watch Smith Jenson Publ. Inc. Concert March Full "83, 88, S.R.89"

646 Blue and the Gray, The" Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Folk Full 1994

647 Blue Moon (Vocal Solo, Opt. Bb Tenor Sax, Clar., or Trombone)" Rodgers R./ Hart, L." "Barker, Warren" Warner Bros Pub. Pop Full 2001

650 Blue Tango Anderson "Mills Music, Inc." Latin Full

649 Blues, The" Nestico, S." Warner Bros. Blues Full 1985

648 Blue-Tail Fly, The" Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Folk Full Sum '83

652 Bolero for Band Osser, Glenn" Leeds Music Corp. Latin Full

1135 Bolero, Ravels " Ravel Elkan-Vogel Co. Classical Sm.

651 Bolero, Ravel's (enlarged / copies)" Ravel Elkan-Vogel Co. Classical Sm & enlg.

653 Bombastio Farrar "Smith, T." Jenson Pub. Concert March Full

1136 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Raye/Prince Ford MCA Music Pub. Pop Sm. 1991

654 Boogie Woogie, The Original/ other side, Big Brass Band from Brazil" Smith, Clarence" "Warrington, J." Edwin H. Morris & Co. Boogie Woogie Full

655 Border Festival Williams, Clifton" Schmitt Music Center Contemporary Full Sum '83

656 Bossa Brilliante Holcombe, B" Charter Publ. Inc. Bossa Nova Full

657 Boston Pops March Gold, Ernest" "Smith, Hale" Edwin B. Marks Music March Full

122 Bourre's Bach J.S. "Gee, Harry" "Shawnee Press, Inc." Classical Full

658 Boys of the Old Brigade, The" Chambers, W. Paris" "Smith, T." "Wingert-Jones, Inc." March Full 1997

660 Brasilia McVey, Larry" Byron-Douglas Publ. Latin Full

661 Brass Espanol Neihaus, Lennie" Highland Music Latin Full 1994

659 Brazil Barroso "Smith, T." Southern Music Co. Latin Full 1987

663 Brazilian Folk Dance Suite Rhoads, Wm. E." Neil A Kjos Music Co. Bossa Nova Full 1986

662 Breeze & I, The" Lecuona, Ernesto" "Hayman, Richard" Edwin B. Marks Music Latin Full 1987

1137 Breeze from Alabama/Maple Leaf Rag Lecuona/Joplin Hayman/Muller Funway Music Latin Sm.

664 Brigadoon Lecuona, Frederic" "Gordon, Philip" United Artists Music Publ. Group Showtune Medley Full 1999

665 Britannia Edmunds, John F." Carl Fischer English Folk Rhapsody Full 1987

Brothers Grimm, The Wonderful World of" "Reed, Alfred" Hansen Theme Full

666 Brubeck, Dave: A Portrait In Time" Smith, Robert W." "Belwin Mills, Inc." Concert Medley Full 1993

667 Buffalo Bills Centennial Goodman Heritage One Step Full

668 Bugler's Dream Arnoud, Leo" "Nowak, J" Big Bells Inc. Part of Martial Suite Full

671 Bugles & Drums Goldman, Edwin F." Carl Fischer March Sm.

672 Bull Trombone Fillmore, H." Carl Fischer March Sm.

673 Bullets & Bayonets March Sousa, JP "Fennell, F." Ludwig March Full 1993

674 Burlesque For Band Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Contemporary Full Sum '83

675 Butch Cassiday & the Sundance Kid Bacharach, Burt" "Cacavas, John" Charles Hanson Medley Showtune Full 1990

676 California Dreamin'/ Monday, Monday" Phillips, J." "Holcomb, Bill" Wingate Music Corp. Rock Medley Full

1053 Calypso Christmas, A (Feliz Navidad / Brazilian Sleigh Bells / Silver Bells )" "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Christmas Full 1999

1 Camelot, Highlights from (2)" Lerner & Loewe "Yoder, Paul" "Chappell & Co., Inc." Broadway Themes Full "1996, 2002"2014

2 Camptown Basses Ostling, Acton" Belwin "Feature, Basses" Full 2014

677 Canadian Brass Quintets "Barnes, Walter" Canadian Brass Pub. Brass / feature Full

678 Can-Can "Porter, Cole" "Cacavas, John" Chappell & Co. Symphonic Scenario Full Sum '84

10 Candide, Overture to" "Bernstein, L" "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Overture Full 1995

680 Canon du Carousel for Brass (copies) Philador Fanfare Full 1994

679 Canterbury Chorale (copies) "Van derRoost, Jan" DeHaske Pub. LTD

682 Capital City "Moore, Ralph" Buckeye Music Publ. March Full

681 Captain & Tennille, Sounds of the" "Nowak, J" Big Bells Medley/Contem. Full

685 Carnival of Venice Staigers Carl Fischer Solo Arrang. Full

683 Carnival Scene Rimsky-Korsakov "Barnes, C.P." Jack Spratt Music Co. Classical Full

684 Carnival Variations /Trumpet Trio "Jacoby, Don" "McRae, Wm." Summy-Birchard Publ. Trumpet Trio Full

1054 Carol For Another Christmas Mancini "Burden, J." Southdale Music Corp. Christmas Full 2000

43 Carol of the Bells Leontovich/Wilhousky O'Loughlin Carl Fischer Christmas

688 Carpenters, New Sounds of" "Lowden, R" Big Bells Inc. Medley Full

1138 Cassons Go Rollings Gruber Bennett Carl Fischer Artillery Song Sm.

687 Castle Gap "Williams, Clifton" Southern Music Co. Concert March Full 85-86

440 Cavalcade of America "Scott, W" The Big 3 Music Corp. Patriotic Full

441 Cavalry Trot "Rubinstein, A." Finkel Boosey Hawkes March Full 1986

442 Cenotaph (Fanfare for Band) "Stamp, Jack" Kjos-Neil A. Music Fanfare Full 1997

443 Centennium "McGinty, Anne" Queenwood Pub. Contemporary Full 1992

444 Cha Cha for Band "Melyan, Theo." Shawnee Press Inc. Latin Full 1989

445 Cha Cha for Band "Osser, Glenn" Leeds Music Corp. Latin Full 1994

446 Chant & Jubilo "McBeth, W. Francis" Southern Music Co. Contemporary Full S.R.'89

1059 Chanukah Triptych, A" "Rizzo, Jacques" Wynn Music Christmas Full 2000

447 Chapada "Johnson, Hal" "Schmitt, Hall & McCreary" South American Dance Full

448 Charlotte's Web "Sherman, R. M./Sherman, R. B." "Kostal, I." Ensign Music Corp. Movie Theme Full

449 Cheers' Theme Portnoy/Angelo "Nowak, J" Addax Music Co. TV Theme Full 1993

44 Cherish "Kirkman, T." "deCamp, C." Beechwood Music Corp. Rock Trans. Full

1139 Cherry Red Johnson James MCA Music Pub. Blues Sm.

3 Chester "Schman, Wm." Merion Music Inc. Overture Full 1996, 2014

45 Chicago (That Toddlin' Town) Fisher, Fred Nowak Carl Fischer Swing

1140 Chicago Police Band Mader Harry Jay Co. March Sm.

451 Chicago Tribune March "Chambers, Paris" "Boyd, W." Ludwig March Full 1994

452 Chicago VIII, Selections from" "Tatgenhorst, J." Columbia Pictures Rock Medley Full

453 Chimes of Liberty (enlarged / copies) "Goldman, Edwin F." Leo Feist March Sm. 1993

454 China Doll "Anderson, Leroy" Mills Music Novelty Full

455 Chit Chat Polka Strauss J. Boosey & Hawkes Polka Full

456 Chopsticks "Fred, Herbert W." Belwin Novelty Full 1988

1060 Chorale & Bell Carol "Moss, John" Hal Leonard Christmas Full 1993

457 Chorale & Capriccio Giovannini Robinson Sam Fox-Dorabet Music Classical Full S.'89

128 Chorale & Shaker Dance "Zdechlik, J.P." Neil A. Kjos Choral & Var. Full 1999

121 Chorale from ""Louisiana"" (Woodwind Choir)" "Thomson, V." "Erickson, Frank" G. Schirmer Classical Full

458 Chorus Line, Selections from" Hamlisch "Cacavas, John" Wren Music Co. Show Medley Full

Christmas Carols (small books) "Rubank, Inc." Christmas Sm.

1062 Christmas Fantasia, A (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Deck The Halls / First Noel / Angels We Have Heard On High)" "Del Borgo, Elliot A." "Kendor Music, Inc." Christmas Full 1999

1063 Christmas In the Round - A Holiday Prism for Band (Ukranian Bell Carol, Silent Night, What Child Is This, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman)" "Smith, Robert W." Belwin Christmas Full

1064 Christmas Intrada, A Reed, Alfred Belwin Mills Christmas Full 1998

1065 Christmas Music for Winds (Adeste Fideles, Silent Night, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Away In A Manger, Twelve Days of Christmas, Angels We Have Heard On High)" "Cacavas, John" Bourne Co. Christmas Full

1066 Christmas Portrait (It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas / The Christmas Song / We Need A Little Christmas) "Nowak, J" Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2001


104" Christmas Prelude (Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming / Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring)" "Curnow, James" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 2001

107 Christmas Recollections (Frosty The Snowman / Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town / I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus / Here Comes Santa Claus / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas) Edmondson. John Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2001

1067 Christmas Rhapsody (Deck The Halls / Jingle Bells) "Long, Newell H." "Rubank, Inc." Christmas Full 1988

1075 Christmas Sing-A-Long (Hark The Herald Angels / Oh, Come All Ye Fathful / Deck The Halls / Silent Night / First Noel / Joy To The World / We Wish You A Merry Christmas)" "Ployhar, J.D." Belwin Mills Christmas (Audience Participation w/ song sheets) Full 2000

47 Christmas Toys (Toyland/ March of Toys) "Herbert, V." Schaeffer C.L. Barnhouse Christmas Full "1988, S/R '02"

1076 Christmas Tryptich (Medley in 3 Movements) (1. Westminster Carol / 2. Silent Night, Coventry Carol / 3. Good King Wenceslas)" "Curnow, James" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 1999

48 Christmas Variants (Based on O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Del Borgo, Elliot Carl Fischer Christmas

459 Civil War Rhapsody, A" "Lee, Jack" Hal Leonard Patriotic Full

460 Civilian March Reed, Alfred Fanning TRN Music Pub. March Full

123 Clair De Lune from ""Suite Bergamasque"" (Woodwind Choir)" Debussy "Walters, H." "Rubank, Inc." Classical Full

111 Clarinet Candy "Anderson, Leroy" Woodbury Music Co. Clarinet Feature Full 1982

462 Clasic Miniatures (Capricaio Italian/ Sprach Zarathustra Tchaikovski/Strauss Moffit Chappell & Co. Classical/ Excerpts Full

463 Classical Overture, A" "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Overture Full 1983

461 Classics, Classics, Classics" "Lowden, R" Hal Leonard Classical Med. Full 1986

465 Climb Ev'ry Mountain Rodgers & Hammerstein "Warrington, J." Williamson Music Showtune Full 1999

1141 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Theme from" "Williams, J." Tatgenhorst Gold Horizons Theme Sm.

466 Colas Breugnon Overture Kabalevsky "Beeler, W." Shawnee Press Overture Full

468 Cole Porter Spectacular, A" "Porter, Cole" "Nestico, Sam" Warner Bros. Publ. Medley Full "1985, S/R '03"

469 College Rhapsody "Lang, Philip J." Broadcast Music College Songs Full

College Songs (small books) E.H. Morris College Songs Sm./ Bks.

50 Colonel Bogey Alford K.J. "Barnes, J" Boosey & Hawkes March Sm.

470 Colonial Legend, A" "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes American Revolutionary Tunes Full

471 Colorburst "Kenny, George" C.L. Barnhouse Co. Concert March Full

472 Colossus of Columbia "Alexander, R." "Bainum, G.C." C.L. Barnhouse Co. March Full 1999

1142 Colossus of Columbia "Alexander, R." C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

473 Come Saturday Morning "Previn, Karlin" "Vinson, J." Famous Music Corp. Movie Theme Sm

Come Saturday Morning (""Godfather"" on back side)" Previn/Karlin "Vinson, J." C.L. Barnhouse Theme Full

474 Come, Thou Fount (no conductor score)" "Wyeth, J. 1812" "Gardner, M." Staff Music Religious Full

475 Commemorative March "Edmunds, John F." Kendor Music March Full

476 Concert Band Clinic "Yoder, Paul" Neil A. Kjos Warm-ups Full

482 Concert Band Medley, Henry Mancini's" Mancini "Warrington, J." Larry Shayne Motion Picture Medley Full

477 Concert des Trompettes for Band "deLaLande, Michel R." "Schaefer, Wm. A." Wimbledon Music Inc. Trumpet /Feature Full Sp. 91

478 Concert Piece for Winds & Percussion "Pearson, Robert H." Shawnee Press Inc. Contemporary Full

479 Concerto #1/ for F Horn & Band "Mozart, W A" "Sansone, L." Southern Music Co. Band w/solo Full

480 Concerto for Bb Cornet or Trumpet "Haydn, J." "Duthoit, W.J." Cheppell & Co. Concerto Full 1984

484 Concerto for Madison Avenue "Higgins, John" Jenson Medley of Commercials Full 1986

383 Concerto in C major for Band & Piccolo Vivaldi "Reed, Alfred" Edwin F. Kalmus & Co. Classical Full 1994

485 Conquest "Newman, Alfred" Bennett Robbins Music Corp. Show Tune Full 1986

Copland Portrait, A" "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Medley Full 1987

481 Copland Tribute, A" "Copland, Aaron" "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Medley Full "1991, S/R '02"

486 Cordoba "Lecuona, Ernesto" Anthony Edward B. Marks Spanish Suite Full 1985

487 Coronation March Tchaikovsky Nierenberg Shawnee Classical Full 1986

488 Corsage for Winds "Cacavas, J." Kjos West Contemporary Full

119 Cosi Fan Tutte (Overture) ( Woodwind Choir) "Mozart, W.A." "Hovey, Nilo" Southern Music Classical Full

1143 Cosmopolitan Herbert "Leidzen, Erik" Leo Feist March Sm.

489 Cowboy in Cuba "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Latin Full

490 Crown Imperial "Walton, William" "Duthoit, W.J." Boosey & Hawkes March Full 1984

491 Curtain Up "Barker, Warren" Hal Leonard Show Tunes Medley Full

492 Cyclometric Overture "Gillis, Don" Neil A. Kjos Music Overture Full

493 Damnation of Faust Berlioz "Smith, L.B." "Bandland, Inc." March Full

500 Dance (composed by ex- RCB member) "Bayerkohler, Carolyn" Newton, Glen Full

502 Dance of the Rose Maidens Khachaturian Truscello Volkwein Bros. Ballet Full 1987

503 Dance Rhythms for Band Op. 58a "Riegger, Wallingford" Warner Bros. Contemporary Full Sp. 89

51 Danny Boy "Barker, Warren" C.L. Barnhouse Traditional Full 2001

504 Danse Egyptienne "Davidson, Harold G." Theo. Presser Co. Transcription Full 1985

506 Danse of the Japanese Youth "Tohno, Shigeo" Ludwig Music Publ. Contemporary Full

507 Danzon from ""Fancy Free""" "Bernstein, L" "Leidzen, Erik" Warner Bros. Contemporary Full "'88, S.'89"

508 Das Liebesverbot "Wagner, R." "Jurrens, J." Jenson Publishing Classical Full 1983

509 Days of Wine & Roses Mancini "Krance, J." M. Witmark & Sons Music Show Tune Full

1078 Deck The Halls "Curnow, James" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 1993

1077 Deck The Halls (Mannheim Steamroller) "Davis, Chip" Longfield Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2001

510 Dedicatory Overture "Williams, Clifton" H. Leonard Pub. Co. Overture Full

511 Deep Purple "DeRose, P." "Beeler, W." Robbins Music Corp. Contemporary Full

512 Die Fledermaus, Overture to" Strauss J. Kalmus Waltz Full 1991

513 Dimension "Logan, Robert" "Schmitt, Hall & McCreary" Contemporary Full

52 Disney Favorites (Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Chim Chim Cher-ee, Mickey Mouse M)" "Lowden, R" Hal Leonard Pub. Movie Theme Full 1997

514 Distinctive Classics (Fanfare/Entry of Gladiators/In Hall of Mt. King/Danny Boy/Faust,Trio)" "Bencriscutto, F." McLeod/Zdechlik "Schmitt, Hall & McCreary" Classic Themes Sm. 1985

516 Diversion "Grundman, C." "Boosey & Hawkes, Inc." Contemporary Full

517 Divertimento Op. 42 for Band "Persichetti, Vincent" Oliver Ditson Co. Contemporary Full

518 Dixie "Gould, Morton" Carroll Hal Leonard Music Inc. Patriotic Full 1989

Dixieland Authentic, Original Arrangementa (2 sets of books) (Basin Street Blues / Copenhagan / Darktown Strutters' Ball / Fidgety Feet / High Society / Muskrat Ramble / National Emblem / Panama / Sensation / South Rampart Street Parade / Wabash Blues Original Arr. Big 3 Music Corp. Dixieland Full

Dixieland Beat (Books) (Blizzard Head Blues / Coney Island Washboard / Dixie Down Beat / I Can't Give You Anything But Love / It Don't Mean A Thing / Leavin' Town / Louella / New Orleans Masquerade / Randolph Street Strut / When My Sugar Walks Down the "Meissner, Zep" Belwin Mills Dixieland Full

Dixieland Combo Pak #1 (Alabama Jubilee / St. James Infirmary / Down By The River Side / Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue )" "Severson, Paul" Hal Leonard Dixieland Full

Dixieland Exciting, Original Arrangements (Books) I Can't give You Anything But Love / It Don't Mean A Thing / Lazy Daddy / Little Rock Getaway / Maryland, My Maryland / The New Dixieland Parade / Skeleton / Sunday / Tigar Rag / Washington & Lee S Big 3 Music Corp. Dixieland Full

Dixieland on Parade (small books) G. Schirmer Dixieland Sm.

Dixieland Series (Peacherine Rag) "Joplin, Scott" "McLeod, J." Schmitt Music Centers Pub. Dixieland Full

Dixieland Series (Small Combo) (Bayou Breakdown / Bluesville USA / Camptown Races / The Entertainer / Junior Jump / Oh, Dem Golden Slippers / Razzle Dazzle / Shortnin' Bread / Silver Thread / Slow & Lazy ) " "McLeod, J / Foster / Bland, J.A. / Danks " Belwin Mills Dixieland Full

Dogface Soldier "Gold, Bert / Hart, Ken" "Maxwell, Charles" "Shawnee Press, Inc." March (copies) Full 2003

519 Donna Diana Reznicel Meyers "Shawnee Press, Inc." Overture

521 Down to the Sea in Ships (2) "Bennett, Robert R." Warner Bros. Music Symphonic Suite Full 1979

520 Downtown "Hatch, T." "Cable, H." Music Corp. of America Rock Sm. 1985

522 Dragons of Villars Maillart Barnes Ludwig Music Publ. Co. Overture Full 2000

523 Dream of Olwen "Williams, J." Lang Belwin J. Mills Solo Piano Full

524 Drunken Sailor "Hull, Grant" Wynn Music Novelty Full 1982

1248 Duke Ellington In Concert Ellington, Duke Murtha, Paul Hal Leonard Corp Swing Full 2005

526 Duke of Cambridge "Arnold, Malcolm" Paterson Publishers March Full 1986

Dukes of Dixieland (Books) (Farewell Blues / I Can't Five You Anything But Love / New Orleans Ceremony / The Saints March / Too Bad / What's The Time / When You're Smiling ) "Barovick, F." Belwin Mills Dixieland Full

1144 Dunlap Commandery March "Hall , R.B." Carl Fischer March Sm.

527 Dynasty, Theme from" "Edmondson, J." SVO Music TV Show Tune Full

548 E.T., Theme from" "Williams, J." "Ployhar, J.D." Music Corp. of America Movie Theme Full 1989

528 Echo Concerto Strodella "Cacavas, John" Chappell & Co. Concerto Full

1145 E-Fers Holiday March "Yoder, Paul" Neil A. Kjos Music March

529 Eighteen-twelve Overture / 1812 Overture Tschaikowsky Lake Carl Fischer Classical Full

530 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Clarinet Choir) "Mozart, W A" "Sacci, Frank" Carl Fischer Classical Full 1991

531 Einzugsmarsch der Bjaren Halvorsen Carl Fischer March Full

533 El Capitan "Sousa, JP" Gordon Belwin Mills March Full 2001

532 El Capitan (2) "Sousa, JP" "Fennell, F." J. Church March Full "2001, '02"

534 El Cid March Rozsa Hawkins Robbins Music Corp. Movie Selection Full 2000

535 El Condor Pasa Robles "Yoder, Paul" Edward B. Marks Music Inca Dances Full

536 El Conquistador "Tarver, James L." "Hal Leonard Music, Inc" Spanish March Full

537 Eldorado (2) "Nestico, S." Fenwood Music Co. Contemporary Full

538 Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral from Lohengrin "Wagner, R." Cailliet Warner Brothers Classical Full

539 Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral from Lohengrin "Wagner, R." Erickson Belwin Mills Classical Full

540 Elvis, A Tribute to" "Christensen, James" Hal Leonard Pop Rock Full

53 English Carol Festival (God Rest You Merry Gentlemen / Coventry Carol / Boar's Head Carol / Wassail Song / We Wish You A Merry Christmas) "Christensen, J." Hal Leonard Christmas Full 1998

541 Entertainer "Joplin, Scott" Theo. Presser Co. Ragtime Full 1988

1146 Entertainer & Peacherine Rag "Joplin, Scott" Muller Funway Music Ragtime Full

542 Entry March of the Boyares Halvorsen Barnes Ludwig Music Publ. Classical Full 1981

Entry of the Boyars (Einzugsmarsch der Bojars) Halvorsen "Laurendeau, M" Carl Fischer Classical Full

543 Epcot Center Sound Spectacular "Edmondson, J." "Hal Leonard Music, Inc" Disney Selections Full 1985

544 Escapade for Trombone "Bencriscutto, F." Neil A. Kjos Trombone Quartet Feature Full 1994

546 Espana Rhapsody Chabrier "Beeler, W." "Rubank, Inc." Spanish Full 1987

19 Esplanade "Del Bargo, Elliot" Belwin Mills Spanish Full 1987

547 Esprit De Corps "Jager, Robert" Hal Leonard March Full 1987

17 Eubie! Gissle & Blake "Lowden, R." Warner Brothers Medley Full 1982

1079 European Christmas 1 (Bisque Carol / Khanta Zagum / O Tannenbaum / When Christ Our Lord Was Born) "McGinty, Anne" Boosey & Hawkes Christmas Full 1992

1080 European Christmas 11 (Catalan Carol / Fum, Fum, Fum / The First Noel / Noel Provencal )" "McGinty, Anne" Boosey & Hawkes Christmas Full 1992

1147 Evening Hymn & Last Post "Tulip, R. W." Norman Richardson Tone Poem Sm.

549 Everything's Coming Up Roses Sondheim Moffit Hal Leonard March Sm. 1998

550 Excalibur Tanner Belwin Mills Overture Full

551 Excelsior "McGinty, Anne" Boosey & Hawkes Full 1991

4 Exodus "Gold, E." "Reed, Alfred" Chappell & Co. Movie Themes Full 2014 ,2000

552 Express "Newton, Glen" (Copied) March Full 1994

553 Fairest of the Fair, The" "Sousa, JP" "Fennell, F." John Church Co. March Full 2001

554 Fairest of the Fair, The" "Sousa, JP" J. Church March Sm.

1148 Fancy Colours Lamm Kisinger Aurelius Music March Sm.

556 Fanfare & Ceremonial "Wagner, R." "Houseknecht, Bruce H." "Carl Fischer, Inc." March Full

557 Fanfare & Ceremony "Cacavas, J." C.L. Barnhouse Co. March/Fanfare Full S.R.88-89

816 Fanfare & March from Tannhauser "Wagner, R." Leckrone Hal Leonard Classical Full

814 Fanfare for The Common Man "Copland, Aaron" Boosey & Hawkes Fanfare Full

815 Fanfares from The Masters Wagner/Strauss Leoncavallo Hal Leonard Fanfares Sm.

780 Fantasia Bach J.S. "Anthenian, S." "Wm. Allen Music, Inc." Classical Full S.R.88-89

781 Fantasia & Fugue in C Minor Bach J.S. "Miller, J.B." Shawnee Press Inc. Classical Full

56 Fantasie Pasorale Hongroise op. 26 Doppler/Kreines Aeolus Music Classical

782 Fantasticks, The" "Schmid, H." "Reed, Alfred" "Chappell & Co., Inc." Overture Full

784 Fantasy on 17th Century Hymn Tune "Balent, Andrew" W-7 Music Corp. Religious Full

783 Fantasy on Amer. Sailing Songs "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Medley/Sea Songs Full

785 Farewell Symphony "Haydn, J." "Whitcomb, K." The Heritage Music Press Transcription Full 1991

1149 Feeling Stronger Everyday Ceters/Pankow Edmondson Big Elk Music Pop Sm.

57 Feliz Navidad Feliciano Jose Wallace, Tom J&H Pub Christmas

788 Festival Adorations Nelhybel, Vaclav Vaclav Hope Pub. Co. Religious Medley Full 1990

790 Festival at Tangier "Twina, J." "Rhoads, Wm." Wynn Music Transcription Full 1985

787 Festival Finale (w/ Chorus), God of Our Fathers" "Maddy, J.E." Neil A. Kjos Music Co. Religious Full 2000

791 Festival Prelude, A Reed, Alfred "Piedmont Music Co., Inc." Contemporary Full Spring 2001

1082 Festive Halls of Christmas, The (w/ Mixed Chorus) (Deck The Halls / Theme & Variations)" "Burden, J." Charter Pub. Christmas Full

789 Festive Overture Op 96 Shostakovich Hunsberger MCA Music Pub. Classical / Contemporary Full 1996

792 Festivo Nelhybel, Vaclav Nelhybel, Vaclav Warner Bros. Publications Classical Full 2005

795 Fiddler On the Roof Harnick/Bock "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Show Tune Full 1995

796 Fiddler on the Roof, Highlights" "Harnick, S. & Bock, J." "Warrington, J." Sunbeam Music Corp. Show Tunes Full 1984

7 Fiddler on the Roof, Selections from" "Harnick, S. & Bock, J." "Lowden, R." Hal Leonard Showtunes Full 1988, 2014

794 Fiddler on the Roof, Selections from" "Harnick, S. & Bock, J." "Burden, J." N.Y. Times Music Corp. Showtunes Full

793 Fidelio Overture Beethoven Barnes Ludwig Music Publ. Co. Classical Full 1995

797 Fiesta Finale "Kepner, Fred" Leeds Music Corp. Latin Full "83,'84"

798 Fiesta Mora "Turina, J." "Gardner, M." Staff Music Publ. Co. Latin Full

Fiesta; Symphonic Dance No. 3 Williams, Clifton Williams, Clifton Sam Fox Publishing Company Classical Full 2005

799 Fifth of Beethoven, A." "Murphy, W." "Burden, J." RFT Music Publ. Corp Novelty Full

800 Fighting Gophers March Ulton March Sm.

801 Finale from Symphony #5 Shostakovich Righter Boosey & Hawkes Symphony Full

117 Finale from Symphony #5 in Bb (Woodwind Choir) Schubert Hovey, Nilo Shawnee Press, Inc. Classical Full

116 Finale from Synphony #93 (Woodwind Choir) "Haydn, J." "Livingston, W." "Shawnee Press, Inc." Classical Full

802 Fingal's Cave Mendelssohn "Seredy, J.S." "Carl Fischer, Inc." Overture Full 1982

1150 Finlandia, from Tone Poem" Sibelius DeLamatir Rubank Classical Sm.

54 Finlandia, Op.26 #7 (2)" Sibelius Cailliet Carl Fischer Tone Poem Full

58 First Noel (Recorded by Mannheim Steamroller) Davis, Chip Dots and Lines Christmas

803 First Norwegian Rhapsody "Christiansen, F." M. Witmark & Sons Rhapsody Quarto

5 First Suite in Eb "Holst, Gustav" Boosey & Hawkes Suite Full "1999, S/R '02"2014

805 Five Bagatelles Tcherephin "Rhoads, Wm." MCA Music Contemporary Full 1983

806 Five Mellow Winds w/ solo quintet "Schanke, David" "Chappell & Co., Inc." Jazz Full

931 Five Saxophone Quartets (Aria & Allegro - E / 5 Situations for 4 Sax / Two Canzonas / Dithyramb / Fugue in E minor ) Yoshioka/ McCarty, F. / Frescobaldi, G. /Arnold, Harold / Bach, J.S." RTISAN Music Press Misc. Full

Florentiner March Fucik "Fennell, F." Carl Fischer March Full "1984, 2002"

808 Flower Drum Song Rogers & Hammerstein "Lang, Philip" "Willimson Music, Inc." Show Tune Full 1989

809 Fly Your Ensign "Drexler, Capt. J." Hal Leonard Publ. Corp. March Full

810 Flying Dutchman, The" "Wagner, R." "Laurendeau, M" Carl Fischer Overture Full

Folk Song Suite (English) "Williams, Vaughan" Boosey & Hawkes Folk Song Full "1994, 2003"

811 Footlifter (enlarged / copies) Filmore Carl Fischer March Sm. & enlg. 2001

60 For Unto You is Born This Day! The Story of Christmas Hosay, James Curnow Music Press Christmas

61 Forrest Gump Suite Silvestri, Alan Custer, Calvin Ensign Music Corp. Movie Theme

Four Patriotic Songs Gaylord Carl Fischer Patriotic Sm.

813 Four Scottish Dances Arnold "Paynter, John" Carl Fischer Folk/Scottish Full 1988

817 Fourth of July, The" "Cacavas, J." Boosey & Hawkes Patriotic Full

819 Free Lance March, The" "Sousa, JP" Goldman J. Church March Full 1995

818 Free Lance, The" "Sousa, JP" "Revelli, W.P." Jenson Publ. Corp. March Full 1994

820 French Military Marching Song Sigmund & Romberg "Harms, Inc." March/Showtune Quarto

821 From Foxen's Glen "McKay, F.H." C.L. Barnhouse Co. Folk/Irish Full

822 Frontier Raftsman "Grey, Robert" Dave Alexander Music Folk/Early American Full

823 Gallant Seventh "Sousa, JP" "Fannell, F." Sam Fox Pub. Co. March Full 1997

824 Gallito Pasodoble "Lope, Santiago" "Weger, Roy" TRN Music Pub. Full 1996

825 Galop Shostakovich Hunsberger The Boston Music Co. Classical Full

826 Galop to End All Galops "Barker, Warren" Jenson Publ. Inc. Contemporary Full 1994

827 Games for Band "Johnson, Jack" "Ellcon-Vogel Co, Inc." Contemporary Full

Garland, Judy" "Holcombe, B" Columbia Pict. Publ. Medley Full 1985

829 Gary Owen & Scotland the Brave Tatgenhorst Heritage Music Press Folk/Scotland Full 1989

828 Gary Owen March Fulton "Gore, Harold" Studio P/R March Full 1983

830 George Gershwin - A Symphonic Portrait for Concert Band Gershwin Chase Chappell & Co. Inc./Gershwin Publ. & Medley Full

832 George Washington Bridge "Schuman, Wm." "G. Schirmer, Inc." Tone Poem Full

834 Georgia On My Mind (Sax Ensemble w/Jazz Rhythm) (Cassette Accomp.) Carmichael "Custer, Calvin" "Belwin, Inc" Jazz Full 1993

833 Georgia On My Mind (Sax Solo/Concert Band Carmichael/Garrell "Smith, Robert" "Belwin, Inc." Full

831 Gershwin - A Medley for Concert Band Gershwin Bennett Warner Brothers Medley Full 1988

835 Gershwin, The Symphonic(An American In Paris/Cuban Over./Rhapsody In Blue)" Gershwin "Barker, Warren" Warner Bros. Pub. Medley Full "1998, 2002"

836 Giants of Steam (2) "Grainger, Percy" Robinson "Chappell & Co., Inc." TV Theme Full

837 Gigi, Highlights from" Lerner & Loewe Mara-Lane Music Corp Medley Full

838 Gilbert & Sullivan Souffl'e Gilbert & Sullivan Lang & Force Edward B. Marks Music Operetta/Medley Full "'88, SpC.90"

839 Gillette Look Sharp March Merrick "Yoder, Paul" Gordon Music March Full "2001, 2002 "

840 Girl I Left Behind Me, The" "Anderson, Leroy" "Belwin Mills, Inc." Folk Full

841 Give My Regards To Broadway Cohan "Yoder, Paul" G.M. Cohan Music Pub. Showtune Sm.

842 Glamour Girl from Aviation Suite "Grofe, F." Thornton Robbins Music Corp. Contemporary Full

Glamour Girl w/ Clarinet solo "Grofe, F." Thornton Robbins Music Corp. Solo/Clar. Full

843 Glen Miller in Concert Miller "Scott, W" Robbins Music Corp. Jazz/Big Band Full 2000

844 Glen Miller, A Salute To" Miller "Story, Mike" Belwin Mills Medley Full 1993

845 Glen Miller, A Tribute to" Miller Gass Lewis Music Publ. Co. Medley Full 1986

1084 Glory of Christmas, The (O Little Town of Bethlehem [brass] / Away In A Manger [woodwinds] / Angels We Have Heard On High [full band] )" "Feldstain, S." Alfred Christmas Full 2001

846 Glory of the Yankee Navy "Sousa, JP" "Fennell, F." J. Church March Full 1986

Glory of the Yankee Navy "Sousa, JP" John Church Co. March Sm.

847 God Bless the USA Greenwood Holmes MCA Music (Hal Leonard) Patriotic 2000

1151 God Save The King (2) Carey US Naval Sch. of Music Anthem/March Sm.

848 God Shed His Grace On Thee (based on ""America The Beautiful - 2002)" "Glover, Andrew" C. L. Barnhouse Co. Patriotic Full 2003

6 Godfather Trilogy, The" "Bullock, Jack" "Belwin, Inc." Movie Medley Full 1997, 2014

851 Godfather, Love Theme from (Come Saturday Morning on back side)" Rota Edmondson Chas. Hanson Ed. Music & Books Movie Theme Sm.

850 Golden Ear "San Miguel, M." "Walters, H." "Rubank, Inc." Spanish Full 1986

853 Golden Legend Sullivan Mollenhauer "Bandland, Inc." Prologue Full 1983

854 Golden Sands "Swan, John" "Kendor Music, Inc." Latin Full 1984

852 Golden Touch of Gus Kahn and Friends Kahn Cofield Hal Leonard Medley/Pops Full

856 Gonna Fly Now Conti/ Conners/Robbins Scott United Artists Music Movie Theme Sm.

857 Good Old Days Sing-a-Long "Ployhar, J.D." Byron Douglas Publ. Audience Participation Full

858 Granada "Lara, Augustin" Moffit Hal Leonard Latin Sm.

859 Grand Ball for Band "Packer, Wm." "Mills Music, Inc." Contemporary Full 1983

860 Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion (2) Bach PDQ Schickele Theodore Presser Co. Novelty Full Spring 2001

861 Grandioso Seitz Moffit Southern Music Co. March Sm.

Great Hits of the 60's "Lowden, R." Blackwood Music Pop/ Medley Full

862 Great Movie Marches, The" "Barker, Warren" "Jenson Publ., Inc." Medley Full 1985

1083 Great Songs of Christmas Set ll (It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas / Marshmallow World / We Need A Little Christmas ) "Lowden, R." "Big Bells, Inc." Christmas Full "1994, S/R '02"

154 Great Themes from Great Italian Movies "Cacavas, J." Edward B. Marks Music Medley Full

1152 Green Hills of Tyrol Scottish Sm.

155 Green Leaves of Summer, The" Tiomkin & Weber "Herfurth, C.P." "Leo Feist, Inc." Movie Theme Full 1999

863 Green Meadows Hanson Ludwig Music Publ. Co. Overture Full

156 Greensleeves "Reed, Alfred" Charles Hansen Christmas Full 2000

157 Guadalcanal March from ""Victory at Sea""" Rogers Forsblod Hal Leonard Publ. Co. Movie Theme Full 1989

158 Guest Artist "Bowles, Richard W." H.T. Fitzsimons Co. Inc. Novelty Full 1986

159 Gypsy's Fireside Dreams, A" "Fultz, J.H." "Mills Music, Inc." Tone Poem Full 1984

Hail Minnesota (enlarged / copies) March Full 2003

865 Hallelujah Chorus/ Messiah w/ Chorus "Handel, G.F." Johnson Rubank Religious Full

866 Handel In The Strand "Grainger, Percy" "Goldman, R F " Galaxy Music Corp. Folk Full 1998

62 Hands Across the Sea "Sousa, JP" "Fennell, F." John Church Co. March Full "84, '88, '03"

1153 Hands Across The Sea "Sousa, JP" John Church Co. March Sm.

63 Harlem Nocturne Hagen "Krance, J." "Shapiro, Bernstein Co." Jazz Full

64 Harry Potter Symphonic Suite Williams, John Smith, Robert W. Warner-Barham Movie Theme

160 Hatikvah "Ovanin, Nikola" Ludwig Publ. Co. Hebrew Full

Hebrew Folk Song Suite "Osman, Leroy" TRN Music Publ. Suite Full

Hebrides Suite "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Suite Full 2000

Henry Mancini's Concert Band Medley (filed under Mancini) Mancini "Warrington, J." Larry Shayne Movie Medley Full

Herb Alpert and the TJB "Lowden, R." Young Band Series Medley Full

Hey ' What (copies) "Durrett, Ward" " Band Music, Inc" Percussion Novelty Full 1999

Hey, Look Me Over (enlarged, copies)" Coleman "Warrington, J." Edwin H. Morris & Co. Showtune Sm.(enlg) 2003

248 High School Cadets "Sousa, JP" "Gore, Harold" Belwin Mills March Full 1995

249 His Honor "Fillmore, H." "Fennell, F." Fillmore Music House March Full 1999

250 Hits of the 20's "Gold, Marty" Warner Bros. Publ. Medley Full 1991

252 Holiday for Strings Rose "Bennett, D." "Bregman, Vocco & Conn" Transcription Full

251 Holiday for Trombones Rose "Warrington, J." "Bregman, Vocco & Conn" March Sm.

1085 Holiday Sing-Along, A (A Medley Including; Deck the Hall, Jingle Bells, O Christmas Tree, We Wish You a Merry Christmas)" "Moss, John" Hal Leonard Corp. Christmas Full

Home Owners Guide to Making Music "Power, Hiram" Studio/PR Novelty Full S.R.88

Hooray for Hollywood Mercer & Whiting "Barker, Warren" "Jenson Publ., Inc." Movie Themes Full 1985

66 Hootenanny "Walters, Harold L." "Rubank, Inc." Folk Tune Full "1982, 2003"

253 How the West Was Won "Hawkins, Robert" Robbins Music Corp. Movie Themes Full 2000

255 Hungarian Dances #5 & #6 "Brahms, J." "Price, S.J." Carl Fischer Classical Full

1154 I Believe In Music Davis Edmunds Screen Gems/ Columbia Contemporary Sm.

256 I Do! I Do! "Schmidt, H." "Erickson, Frank" "Chappell & Co., Inc." Show Tune Full

1156 I Like Mountain Music Weldon Schoenfeld Music Pub. Holding Co. Contemporary Sm.

258 I Want To Hold You Hand Lennon/McCartney Cable MCA Music Pub. Rock Full 1988

78 Ice Castles, Theme from" Hamlisch Brubaker Belwin Mills Movie Theme Full 1993

Il Re Pastore (The Shepherd King) "Mozart, W A" "Barnes, J" Ludwig Classical Full

259 Images of Aura Lee "Zdechlik, J." "Niel A. Kjos, Jr." Contemporary Full S.R.89-90

261 Imperial Russian Festival Suite Forsblad Livingston Warner Bros. Music Suite Full 1983

262 In a Day or Two "Mitchell, Rex" Ludwig Music Contemporary Rock Full

264 In a Persian Market "Ketelbey, A.W." "B.&Co., Ltd." Classic Full 2000

In Lauschiger Nacht Ziehrer Gaigg Verlag Doblinger Waltz Full

267 In Town Suite "Kepner, Fred" Ludwig Music Suite Full

1157 Invercargill (2) (enlarged copies) Lithgow "Laurendeau, M" Carl Fischer March Sm. & enlg 2001

275 Invisible Boundary, The" "Bowles, Richard W." Marks Music Corp. Contemporary Full

Invocation "Gordon, Philip" Mills Music Contemporary Full

68 Ireland (The Soldier's Song) Kearney Heaney US Naval Sch. of Music Nat'l Anthem Sm.

Irish Suite for Band, An" "Spinney, C.R." Byron-Douglas Folk Medley Full S.R. 89

Irish Tune from Country Derry (Woodwind Choir) "Grainger, Percy" "Erickson, Frank" G. Schirmer Folk Full

112 Irish Tune from County Derry "Grainger, Percy" non indicated Folk Tune Full 1983

67 Irish Washerwoman, The" "Anderson, Leroy" "Mills Music, Inc." Novelty Full "'85, '89"

1086 Irving Berlin Christmas, An (Happy Holiday / White Christmas / Let's Start The New Year Right )" "Berlin, Irving" "Barker, Warren" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 2001

Irving Berlin, A Tribute to" "Berlin, Irving" "Barker, Warren" "Jenson Publ., Inc." Medley Full 1988

280 Isle Royale "Conley, Loyd" Byron-Douglas Overture Full S/R 2003

Italian Festival (2) "Osser, Glenn" MCA Music Medley Full 2000

Italian Fiesta "Lang, Philip J." Belwin Mills Medley Full 1986

96 It's A Small World "Sherman, R. & R." "Barker, Warren" Hal Leonard Publ. Corp. Disney Feature Full "'85, S.R.88"

It's A Small World/ Spoonful of Sugar Sherman "Christensen, J." Wonderland Music Co. Theme Sm.

It's Not Unusual/Delilah "Holcombe, B" JWD Rock Medley Full

285 It's the Gospel "Lowden, R." Hal Leonard Religious Medley Full 1985

Jalousie "Gadel, J." "Krance, J." "Harms, Inc." Contemporary Full 1983

243 James Bond Suite "Erickson, Frank" Belwin Mills Medley/Movie Themes Full 2014

Japanese Folk Suite "Walters, H.L." "Rubank, Inc." Suite Full 1986

289 Java Friday Leonard Hal Leonard Dixie Sm.

1088 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Concert & Band/Wind Ensemble)" "Back, J.S." "Reed, Alfred" Birch Island Music Press Christmas file/Religious Full 1988

288 Jet Stream "Whitcomb, Kenneth" C.L. Barnhouse Co. March Full S.R. 88

287 Jim Dandies (Trio for Cornet/Trumpet "Walters, Harold L." Rubank Full

1089 Jingle Bells Forever (Jingle Bells / Stars & Stripes Forever) "Smith, Robert" Belwin Mills Christmas Full 2001

Joi "Logan, Robert" Schmitt Hall & McCreary Contemporary Full

1090 Joy To The World w/ Drum Set Synthesizer / Electric Bass Tatgenhorst C.L. Barnhouse Christmas Full 04,

Jubilee "Hennagin, Michael" Walton Music Corp. Contemporary Full

Jubilee "Smith, Charles" Pro Art Publ. Inc. Contemporary Full

295 Jubilee March "Goldman, Edwin F." Leo Feist March Sm.

Judy Garland, A Tribute To" "Holcombe, B" Columbia Pictures Pub. Medley Full 1985

124 Jumpin' At The Woodside Basie "Lowden, R." "Bregman, Vocco & Conn" Big Band Sm.

297 Just A Closer Walk With Thee "Gillis, Don" "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Religious/Trad. Full "2001, '02"

King & I, Highlights from" Rodgers & Hammerstein "Herfurth, C.P." Williamson Music Stage Full 1997

King & I, The (Whistle A Happy Tune/March of the Siamese Children/Getting To Know You/Young Lovers/Shall We Dance)" "Hammerstein, O./ Rodgers,R" "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Movie Medley Full 1997

1155 King Cotton "Sousa, JP" "Yoder, Paul" Carl Fischer March Sm.

425 Korean Folk Song, Var. on" "Chance, J.B." Boosey & Hawkes Contemporary Full 1985

312 La Reine De La Mer Waltzes "Sousa, JP" Edwin Kalmus & Co. Waltz Full 1987

1158 La Sorelle Borel/Clers Roberts Carl Fischer March Sm.

313 La Virgen de la Marcarena (arr. for Canadian Brass) "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Spanish/Trad. Full 1999

314 Lament and March "Rhoads, Wm. E." Southern Music Co. Contemporary Full

Land of Lincoln (2) "Whear, P." Ludwig Concert March Full

8 Lara's Theme (Dr. Zhivago) "Jarre, M." Whitcomb Robbins Music Corp. Movie Theme Full 1995

317 Las Castanuelas "Kraemer, H." Tempo Music Publ. Latin Full 1985

Last Grand Ragtime March "Cacavas, J." Southern Music Co. March/Ragtime Full 1990

Latin Reeds Quintet w/band "Schanke, David" C. L. Barnhouse Latin Full

21 Latina "Bencriscutto, F." "Schmitt, Hall, McCreary" Latin Full 1993

Laurence of Arabia, Theme from" "Jarre, M." "Reed, Alfred" Gower Music Inc. Movie Theme Full 2000

321 Le Corsair Overture Berlioz Beder "Shawnee Press, Inc." Overture Full 1987

Le Regiment De Sambre et Meuse "Rauski, J." "Seredy, J.S." C. Fischer March Full 1984

1091 Legend of Kings, A" "Spinney, C.R." Bryon - Douglas Christmas Full 2000

323 Legions "Cacavas, J." Boosey & Hawkes March Full 1994

22 Les Miserables "Schonberg, C.M." "Barker, Warren" Hal Leonard Medley/Stage Full 1995

110 Let Me Call You Sweetheart Whitson/Friedman "Yoder, Paul" "Shapiro, Bernstein Co." 20's Full

Liberty Bell "Sousa, JP" Yoder/Brion Hal Leonard March Full 1999

1160 Light Cavalry Von Suppe Boosey & Hawkes Overture Sm.

Lighter Side of Christmas,The (Frosty The Snowman / Suzy Snowflake / C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S / Jingle Bell Rock / Christmas Polka )" "Richards,F." "Hill & Range, Inc." Christmas Full

Lincolnshire Posy "Grainger, Percy" "G. Schirmer, Inc." British Folk Full 1991

Linden Lea "Williams, Ralph V." "Stout, John W." Boosey & Hawkes Traditional Full 2000

Little English Girl "Della Cese, D." O. Pagani Symphonic March Full 1999

324 Live More of Your Life Best Elledge Dean Olson Pk. & Rec. Tune Sm.

221 Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove) "Hogg, Brian" Brolga Music Folk Full 1997

222 Lola Flores "Sadel, A./Tucci, T." "Krance, J." Piedmont Latin Full

223 London (London Every Day) "Coates, Eric" Chappell & Co. Suite Full

224 London Again Suite "Coates, Eric" Chappell & Co. Suite Full

23 Lord of the Rings Shore, Howard Lopez New Line Tunes Movie Theme

Love Story, Romeo & Juliet Theme" Lai Edmondson Famous Music Theme Sm.

227 Low Down Blues "VanAuden, Zanes" Hal Leonard Parade Blues Full

229 Lyric Dance "Bencriscutto, F." Ludwig Music Pub. Co. Contemporary Full

9 MacArthur Park "Webb, J." "Wasson, J." Belwin Mills Rock Full 1993

230 MacArthur Park "Webb, Jimmy" Warner Bros. Rock Full 1993

231 Mad Major, The" Alford "Fennell, F." Boosey & Hawkes March Full "2001, 03"

24 Mad Major, The" Alford K.J. Boosey & Hawkes March Sm. 1996

233 Magic Flute, Overture to (DieZauberflote KV620)" "Mozart, W A" "Posch, A." De Haske Music Co. Classical Full 1992

232 Magic of Disney, The" "Barker, Warren" Hal Leonard Pub. Corp. Medley Full "1985, S/R '03"

1161 Mahogany, Theme from" Goffin Edmunds Screen Gems/ Columbia Movie Theme Sm.

239 Malaguena "Lecuona, Ernesto" "Nestico, Sam" Hal Leonard/Marks Inc. Spanish Full

234 Maledictions "Raleigh, Stuart" Franco Colombo Contemporary Full

235 Man of La Mancha "Leigh, M." Erickson Sam Fox Showtune Full 1994

236 Man on the Street Henderson "Leist, R." Shawnee Press Jazz Theme Full

237 Mancini Mancini "Reed, Alfred" Charles Hansen Medley Full

238 Mancini Spectacular Mancini "Barker, Warren" Jenson Publ. Medley Full

240 Mancini, The Marches of" Mancini "Higgins, John" "Jenson Pub., Inc" Movie Marches Full 1988

Mancini's Concert Band Medley Mancini "Warrington, J." Larry Shayne Medley Full

241 Manfred Prelude Reinecke Osterling Ludwig Music Opera Full

118 Manhattan Beach "Sousa, JP" John Church Co. March Full 1995

242 Manhattan Beach "Sousa, JP" John Church Co. March Sm.

Maple Leaf Rag/ Breeze from Alabama "Joplin, Scott" Muller Funway Music Ragtime Sm.

1162 Marauders Wilson Boosey & Hawkes March Sm.

161 March & Procession of Bacchus Delibes Osterling Belwin Mills Classical Full

March & Swing, The (small books)" Hal Leonard Marches Sm.

162 March Capriccioso "Erickson, Frank" Belwin Mills March Full 1985

180 March Entr'acte (from Queen of Spades) Tchaikovsky Gordon Jenson Publications Transcription Full 1985

127 March Five "Latham, Wm." C.L. Barnhouse March/Concert Full

173 March for the Sultan Abdul Medjid Donizetti & Rossini Townsend Mercury Music Concert/March Full 1987

166 March Intercollegiate Ives "Brion, K." Joseph Boonin Concert March Full

168 March Italien "Smith, Frank" Schmitt Music March Full

March Masters (small books) "Rubank, Inc." Marches Sm.

164 March of the Cute Little Wood Sprites Bach, PDQ Schickele Presser Contem./Classical Full

165 March of the Dragon Masters "Jager, Robt." Hal Leonard March Full 1986

167 March of the Golden Brass "Cacavas, John" "Chappell & Co., Inc." March/Concert Full

March of the Majorettes "Simon, Frank" Neil A. Kjos Music March Sm.

170 March 'Onward' "Luthold, Ernst" Ludwig Music Sym. March Full

169 March Op. 99 Prokofieff "Yoder, Paul" MCA Music Sym. March Full 1983

114 March Past of the Kitchen from ""The Wasp"" (Woodwind Choir)" "Williams, Ralph.V." "Pearson, R.H." G. Schirmer Classical/Novelty Full

171 March: Winds "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Concert Winds Full

163 Marche Des Parachutistes Belges Leemans Wiley TRN Music Publ. March/Concert Full 1994

172 Marche Lorraine Ganne Mahl Carl Fischer March/Concert Full

1163 Marche Lorraine Ganne Mahl Carl Fischer March Sm.

Marches of Mancini, The" Mancini "Higgins, John" "Jenson Publ., Inc." Movie Marches Quarto "'85, '88"

174 Marcia Dorica (2) Nelhybel Franco Colombo Contemporary Full

175 Marcia Latina "Mallia, Victor E." Pro Art Spanish March Full

176 Mariner's Odyssey, A" "Conley, Lloyd" Kendor Music Sea Tunes Full 1983

178 Marriage of Figaro (2) "Mozart, W A" "Slocum, Earl" "Mills Music, Inc." Classical Full 1999

178 Marriage of Figaro, The" "Mozart, W A" "Slocum, Earl" Mills Music Overture Full

Mary Poppins Medley Sherman Hansen Movie Theme Sm.

25 Mary Poppins, Highlights from" "Sherman, R. & R." "Reed, Alfred" Charles Hanson Educational Music Movie Themes Full 1985

181 Marziale E. Danza "Siennicki, Edmund" Neil A. Klos Concert March Full

182 MASH, Songs from" Mandel / Altman "Lowden, R." 20th Century Music Co. TV Themes Full

183 Masterpiece, The" Mauret & Parnes "Nowak, J" Big Bells Inc. TV Theme Full "'87, '89"

183 Masterpiece, The" Parnes "Nowak, J" September Music Corp. TV Theme Sm.

Masterpiece, Theme from Masterpiece Theatre" Mauret "Nowak, J" September Music Corp. March Sm.

184 Matador "Cacavas, John" Bourne Co. Latin March Full

185 Meadowlands "Flanders, David" Luverne Inc. Concert March Full 1987

186 Medusa's Head "Seibert, Bob" KMS Concert March Full

Men of Wisconsin Mesand Fischer March Sm.

93 Messiah, Suite from" "Handel, G.F." "Curnow, James" Jenson Pub./H. Leonard Christmas Full 1994

Messiah, Suite from, Fanfare & Festival Celebration" "Shaffer, David" C.L. Barnhouse Christmas Full

187 Mexican Hat Dance "Bennett, David" Carl Fischer Latin Full

188 Mexican Rhapsody McBride "James, K." Eastman School of Music Rhapsody Full

Michigan State March Akers Carl Fischer March Sm.

189 Mickey Mouse March "Dodd, J." "Beeler, W." Walt Disney Productions Novelty March Sm. 1985

26 Midnight Sleighride Prokofiev, Serge Wallace, Tom Hawkes & Sons Christmas

190 Military Songs of the British Isles "Ployhar, J." Belwin Mills Concert March Full S.R. 88

191 Minnesota March "Sousa, JP" U of M March Sm.

Minnesota March (written 1927 / arr. 1963)(copies) "Sousa, JP" Bencriscutto/ words- Jalma U of M Marching Band March (copies) Full 2003

Minnesota March, The" "Sousa, JP" "Fennell, F." Sam Fox March Full 1996

Minnesota Rouser U of M U of M March Sm

Minnesota Rouser (written 1909 / arr. 1963)(copies) "Hutsell, Floyd" Mc Leod / Bencriscutto U of M Marching Band March (copies) Full 2003

192 Miracle, The" "Schinstine, Wm. J." Southern Music Co. Overture Full

193 Mischief Makers "Riddle, Nelson" Marks Publ. Novelty Full 1983

Mississippi Mud Cavanaugh/ Barris Hill Shariro Bernstein Dixieland Sm.

194 Moldau Smetana "Cacavas, John" Luverne Publ. Sym. Poem Full

201 Molly on the Shore "Grainger, Percy" Carl Fischer Irish Reel Full 1983

195 Moments to Remember Stillman & Allen Moltby Larry Spier Full 1982

196 Mondnacht Auf Der Alster "Fetras, Oskar" German

197 Montezuma "Barnes, Clifford" Theodore Presser Overture Full 1984

198 Montmartre March Wood Hawkins Robbins Music Corp. March Full 2000

199 Moods Model (2) "Stauffer, Donald" Kendor Music Inc. Contemporary Full

200 Moon Landing "Macero, Teo" Warner Bros./Seven Arts Novelty March Full

202 Moon River Mercer/Mancini "Yoder, Paul" Famous Music Corp. Waltz Sm. 1994

203 Moorside March "Holst, Gustav" "Jacob, G." Boosey & Hawkes Concert March Full

28 More (enlarged / copies) Ortolani/Oliviero "Cacavas, John" Ed. B. Marks Music Movie Theme Sm. & enlg 1994

More March & Swing (small books) Hal Leonard Marches Sm.

205 Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna" Von Suppe Fillmore Fillmore Publ. Overture Full

206 Morro Bay (Overture for Band) Niehaus C.L. Barnhouse Overture Full

207 Mosaic "McBeth, W. Francis" Southern Music Co. Contemporary Full

Mother & Child Reunion Simon "Nowak, J" Paul Simon Rock Sm.

208 Mountbattan March, The" Dunn Chappell & Co. March Sm

209 Mr. Dixieland Fronts the Band "Warrington, J." Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Dixieland Full

210 Mr. Lucky, Selections from (2)" Mancini "Krance, J." Larry Shayne Music TV Theme Full 2000

212 Music for a Ceremony Morrissey, J.J. Carl Fischer Contemporary Full 1987

211 Music for a Civic Celebration Nixon, Roger J.C. Penney (Compliment) Contemporary Full

213 Music for a Summer Night Osser, Glenn Leeds Music Corp. TV Theme Full

Music To Watch Girls By Ramin Leonard SCP Music Corp Pop Sm.

214 Musical Memories Overture Lang, Philip J. "Mills Music, Inc." Showtune/Medley Full 1986

My Baby's Back (Cock-A-Doodle, I'm Pff My Noodle)" Johnson/Sherman/Tobias Ferguson "Bibo, Bloedon & Lang" Fox Trot Sm.

My Congratulations Blankenburg Boosey & Hawkes March Sm.

29 My Fair Lady Lerner & Loewe "Herfurth, C.P." "Chappell & Co., Inc." Broadway Themes Full 1994

215 National Emblem March Bagley "Fennell, F." Carl Fischer March Full "2001, '03"

Navy Blue Edwards C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

217 Neapolitan Overture Osterling, Eric Jenson Pub. Overture Full

218 Netherlands Suite Lynschooten Holland Volkwein Suite Full

219 Never On Sunday Hadjidakas Towne "Yoder, Paul" Esteem Music Corp. Movie Theme Full 1988

1100 New Age Christmas (Traditional) "Ford, Ralph" Warner Bros. Christmas Full

220 New Moon Overture, The" Romberg Watson Harms Inc. Operetta Overture Full

New Sounds of the Carpenters "Lowden, R." Big Bells Inc. Medley Full

30 Night Before Christmas, The w/ narration" Douglas Southern Music Christmas Full 2002

Night Flight King C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

689 Night in Venice, A" Strauss Jr. "Walters, H." Rubank Inc. Overture Full 1984

690 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (copies/enlarged) Sousa, JP Sam Fox March Sm. & enlg "2001, '03"

691 Northern Lights McDougall, Ian Jenson Publ. Inc. Contemporary Full

Northern Lights McDougall, Ian "Jenson Pub., Inc." Contemporary Sm.

1179 Northern Pines, The" Sousa, JP G. Schirmer March Sm.

1102 Norwegian Christmas Overture, A" Ford, Trevor" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 1996

31 Norwegian Rhapsody Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Folk Full 1983

1180 Notre Dame Victory Song Shae Alford Edwin H. Morris School March Sm.

32 Nutmeggers Osterling, Eric Bourne March

1181 Ode To Joy (Band & Pipes) Sm.

1182 Oh You Beautiful Doll Brown/Ayer Norred Warner Bros. 20's Sm.

33 Oklahoma "Rogers, R." "Leidzen, Erik" Williamson Music Inc. Medley Full

699 Ol' Man River Kern "Warrington, J." T.B. Harms Co. Medley Full 1994

692 Old Circus Band, The" Jewell "Boyd, W." Ludwig Music Pub. Co. March Full 1991

693 Old Comrades March "Teike, C." "Gore, Harold" Boosey & Hawkes March Full 1994

Old Favorites Folio (small books) "Rubank, Inc." Books Sm.

694 Old Guard, The (Regimental Quick-Step March) Op. 75, No.3" "Barnes, James" Southern Music Co. March Full 1997

695 Old London Suite "Bush, G." "Leist, Robt." Galaxy Music Corp. Suite Full

696 Old Main "Hardin, Burton E." Volkwein Bros. Inc. Tone Poem Full

697 Old Vaudeville Band "Hartzell, Doug" Edward B. Marks Music Novelty Full

698 Oliver (2) "Bart, L." Leyden Hollis Music Inc. Medley Full

700 Olympic Fanfare & Theme (Comm. By 1984 L.A.Olympic Comm.) "Williams, J." Marjer Pub. Co. Fanfare Full

703 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Lerner & Lane "Bennett, R.R." Chappell & Co. Inc. Overture Full

704 On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss "Holsinger, David R." TRN Music Pub. Religious Full 2000

705 On An American Spiritual "Holsinger, David R." TRN Music Pub. Religious Full 1998

706 On Golden Pond Grusin "Lowden, R." Hal Leonard Publ. Corp Show Theme Full 1983

708 On Parade "Sousa, JP" "Gore, Harold" Alfred Publ. Co. March Full 1991

707 On Stage With Cole Porter "Porter, Cole" "Warrington, J." Buxton Hill Music Corp Medley Full

On Wisconsin/ The Victors Elbel Alford Morris March Sm.

709 One O' Clock Jump "Basie, Count" Jacobs Feist Pop/Jazz Quarto

710 Oriental March Glinka Maganini Edition Musicus Opera March Full 1986

711 Original Dixieland Concerto "Warrington, J." Belwin Mills Dixieland Full 1985

712 Our Director (copies / enlarged) Bigelow Hildreth Walter Jacobs March Sm.

97 Our Glorious Emblem DeLuca Carl Fischer March Sm.

1104 Out of the East Noble Fote "Kendor Music, Inc." Christmas Full

713 Over The Rainbow (w/ Trumpet solo) Harburg/ Arlen "Smith, Robert" Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Full 1996

715 Overture A La Russe "Barker, Warren" C.L. Barnhouse Spanish Overture Full

714 Overture De Sonora "Ployhar, J." Belwin Mills Spanish Full 1995

716 Overture for Winds "Carter, Charles" Bourne Co. Overture Full

717 Overture in Bb Giovannini Robinson Sam Fox Publ. Co. Overture Full

718 Overture Odalisque "Thielman, Ronald" Bourne Co. Overture Full

719 Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld Offenback Odom Neil A. Kjos Overture Full Sp. 89

11 Pachelbel's Canon (Canadian Brass Works) Mills "Custer,C." Hal Leonard Classical Full 1995

722 Pachinko (2) "Yoder, Paul" Belwin Novelty Full 1999

721 Pachinko (2) "Yoder, Paul" Volkwein Bros. Inc. Novelty Full 1999

723 Pacific Island Fantasy "Nestico, S." Jenson Publ. Inc. Medley Full

724 Pageant of Bands Peterson Kendor Music Inc. Concert March Full

725 Paint Your Wagon (2) "Cacavas, John" "Chappell & Co., Inc." Movie Medley Full

726 Palange's Little Italy Palange Highland Music Co. Medley Full

1183 Palm Leaf Rag "Joplin, Scott" Sponbolte/Edmunds Beechwood Music Corp. Ragtime Sm.

727 Pangis Angelicus Franck Harvey Elkan-Vogel Co. Inc. Religious Full

730 Panorama for Band, A Sym. Portrait of Americana" Mitchell Marks Music Corp. Medley Full

728 Panorama Overture C.L. Barnhouse C.L. Barnhouse Overture Full

729 Panorama USA "Ployhar, J." Belwin Mills Publ. Corp Medley Full 1996

731 Parade of the Ewoks "Williams, J." "Curnow, James" "Jenson Publ., Inc." Movie Theme Full 1985

732 Parade of the Tall Ships Chattaway Wm. Allen Music Inc. Concert March Full S/R '02

733 Parading The Basses "Osterling, Eric" Bourne March Full

Pass In Review (small books) Carl Fischer Marches Sm.

734 Passacagalia "Zdeshlik, J." Neil A. Kjos Contemporary Full

Passacaglia in G Minor "Handel, G.F." Phillips Oxford Classical Full

735 Pastorale "Williams, J." Summy Publ. Co. Pastorale Full

736 Patriotic Sing-A-Long "Ployhar, J." Belwin Mills Sing-A-Long Full 1985

738 Paul Bunyan Overture "Britten, B." Fussell. Chas. G. Schirmer Theme Full

739 Pavane for A Dead Princess Ravel "Reed, Alfred" "Master Music Pub., Inc." Classical Full 1990

741 Peer Gynt Suite "Grieg, Edvard" Zamecznik Sam Fox Suite Full 1981

740 Peer Gynt Suite "Grieg, Edvard" Lake & Kent Carl Fischer Suite Full

12 PennyWhistle Jig (Piccolo Solo with Band) Mancini Moss, John Hal Leonard Jig 2014

Pentagon "Streen, Bernard" Leeds Contemporary Full

742 Pentland Hills Howe Southern Music Co. Concert March Full 2000

1184 People Merrill/ Styne "Warrington, J." "Chappell-Styne, Inc." Movie Theme Sm.

743 Peter Gunn - TV Theme Mancini "Bullock, Jack" Northridge Music Inc. TV Theme Full 1992

35 Pictures at an Exhibition Moussorsky "Leidzen, Erik" Carl Fischer Classical Full 2001, 2014

744 Pineapple Poll, Suite from the Ballet" "Sullivan, Arthur" "Mackerras, C." Chappell & Co. Full

746 Pink Panther, The (Clarinet Choir w/Rhythm Section) (Rhythm Cassette included)" Mancini "Custer,C." Belwin Mills Movie Theme Full

747 Pink Panther, The" Mancini "Warrington, J." Northridge Music Inc. Show Tune Full

748 Pioneer Days "Morrissey, J." C.H. Hansen Patriotic Full

749 Pique Dame Overture von Suppe Thygerson Heritage Music Press Overture Full

65 Pirates of the Caribbean Badelt, Klaus Wasson, John Hal Leonard Corporation Popular Full 2005

750 Places USA "Bullock, Jack" Belwin Mills Medley Full

752 Planets, The (Jupiter)" "Holst, Gustav" Boosey & Hawkes Symphony Full 1983

751 Plymouth Rock and Roll (2) "Schaefer, W." Carl Fischer Pop Rock Full

753 Poet & Peasant von Suppe Myrelles Carl Fischer Overture Full 2000

755 Polka & Fugue / Schwanda / Bagpiper Weinberger Bainum Associated Music Pub. Dance Full 1996

Polka Time Band Book Buchtel. F. Neil A. Kjos Polka Sm.

754 Pomp & Circumstance "Elgar, Edward" Sterrett Carl Fischer March Full

1185 Ponderoso King C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

756 Pops Polka (Ja, Ja,Ja)" "Fiedler, A/ Mason, J" "Maltby, R" Kendor Music Dance Full 2003

757 Porgy & Bess Medley Gershwin "Lowden, R." Hal Leonard Show Tune Full 1999

758 Portrait of Freedom (Tribute to heros of 9/11/2002) "Reineke, Steven" C. L. Barnhouse Co. Patriotic Full 2003

759 Portugal En Fiesta Farnon Boosey & Hawkes Latin Full

760 Prairie Reflections "Warrington, J." Leeds Music Corp. Medley Full

761 Prelude - Act III of Lohengrin "Wagner, R." Erickson Belwin Mills Overture Full 1987

764 Prelude & Fugue B flat Bach J.S. Moehlmann Fitzsimmons Co. Transcription Full

763 Prelude & Fugue B flat minor Bach J.S. Moehlmann Barnhouse Transcription Full

766 Prelude & Fugue E minor Bach J.S. De Camp Studio Publ. Transcription Full

765 Prelude & Fugue in G minor Bach J.S. Moehlmann Jenson Publ. Inc. Transcription Quarto 1988

762 Prelude from Die Meistersinger "Wagner, R." Kent "Carl Fischer, Inc." Transcription Full 1985

767 Prelude On An Old English Hymn "Sheldon, Robert" C.L. Barnhouse Co. Prelude Full 2002

768 Prelude, Siciliano & Rondo for Band" "Paynter, John" Carl Fischer Contemporary Full 1996

1189 President's March, The" "Fillmore, H." Carl Fischer March Sm.

34 Procession of the Nobles Rimsky-Korsakov "Leidzen, Erik" "Carl Fischer, Inc." Transcription Full 2001

1186 Profiles In Courage, Theme from (2)" TSA Music Corp. March Sm.

1190 Promenade Blues "Bowles, Richard W." Neil A. Kjos Blues Full

769 Promises, Promises" Bacharach Cable E.H. Morris Show Tune Medley Full

770 Proscenium Overture "Whear, P.W." Ludwig Overture Full

1188 Prospero March Southwell Volkwein Bros. March Sm.

1191 Pterdactyl March Seibert Nat'l Educational Service March Sm.

772 Punch & Judy Mancini "Warrington, J." Southdale Music Show Tune Full 1992

1192 Purdue March "Fillmore, H." Carl Fischer March Sm.

773 Purlie (Highlights) Udell & Gold De Camp Mourbar Show Tune Full

774 Purple Carnival Alford Erickson Schirmer Concert March Full S.R.88-89

775 Puszta (4 Gipsy Dances) "Van derRoost, Jan" De Haske Gipsy Dance Full 1999

1193 Quality-Plus March Jewell C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

1194 Queen City (2) "Boorn, W.H." Fillmore/Fischer March Sm.

779 R.C.A.F. Memories "Beard, Horace" Zeb Billings March Full

776 Radio Rag "McLeod, James" "David, H." Schmitt Music Center Dixieland Full

777 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Bacharach Tatgenhorst Charles Hanson Showtune Full 1988

1195 Rare Breed "Williams, J." Cable Champion Music March Sm.

778 Raymond Overture Thomas Safranek Carl Fischer Overture Full

1196 Real Goodness from KFC (2) "Higgins, John" Hal Leonard Commercial Tune Sm.

875 Red Arrows March Banks & Bolton Robbins Music Corp. March Full

876 Reflections "Beck, John" Elken-Vogel Co. Contemporary Full

877 Remembrance "Benson, Warren" Shawnee Press Inc. Contemporary Full

878 Renaissance Faire Sarabande, The Kings Hunting Jig" "Ludley & Bull, J." "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Full

879 Reverie for Band "Cacavas, John" Bourne Co. Contemporary Full

880 Revival March "Sousa, JP" "Gore, Harold" Wynn/Music March Full 1985

881 Rhapsody for Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble "Williams, Pat" Hal Leonard Rhapsody Full

882 Rhapsody in Blue Gershwin Grofe New World Music Corp. Contemporary Full

Rhapsody in Blue (w/ piano solo) Gershwin New World Music Corp. Contemporary Full

883 Rhapsody of Reruns, A" "Jennings, Paul" Warner Bros. Pub. Medley/TV Full

884 Rhythms of the Winds "Erickson, Frank" Belwin Contemporary Full 1980

893 Richard Rodgers - A Symphonic Portrait Rodgers & Hammerstein "Erickson, Frank" Williamson Music Medley Full

892 Richard Rodgers Symphonic Marches Rodgers "Farnon, R." Williamson Music Marches Full

886 Ridin' the Rails "Rhoads, Wm." Wynn Music Railroad Music Full

887 Ringgold Rhapsody "Gass, Henry" Belwin Rhapsody Full 1982

888 Rings of Fire "Erickson, Frank" Belwin Mills March Full S.R.88-89

889 Rio Blanco Overture "Caneva, E.O." Remick Music Corp. Classical Full

890 Roaring 20's "Yoder, Paul" Neil A. Kjos Medley Full

891 Rock 'N' Roll Explosion "Nowak, J" Hal Leonard Rock Full 1986

901 Rodgers & Hart - A Medley for Concert Band Rodgers & Hart "Reed, Alfred" Charles Hanson Medley Full

1197 Roll 'em Pete Johnson Turner MCA Music Blues Full

37 Rolling Thunder "Fillmore, H." "Fennell, F." Fillmore Music House March Full 1997

903 Roman Holiday Antonini "Cacavas, John" Chappell and Co. Medley Full

904 Romance in F (solo w/ accomp.) Saint-Saens Cailliet LeBlanc Publications Solo with Accomp. Full

905 Romantic Period Young Prince & Princess Rimsky-Korsakoff "Whitney, Maurice" Alfred Music co. Medley Full

1198 Romantic Rhythms (Rose Room / Sweet & Lovely) "Yoder, Paul" Robbins Music Corp. Medley Sm.

907 Romeo & Juliet (excerpt from Suite #2) Prokofieff "Gardner, M." Staff Music Pub. Excerpts Full

906 Romeo & Juliet Revisited Tschaikovsky Gold Alfred Music Co. Contemporary Full

908 Rosary, The" "Nevin, Ethelberrt" Chas. H. Hansen Religious Full

925 Rose Marie Overture Friml & Stathart Teague "Harms, Inc." Overture Full 1983

909 Roumanian Rhapsody #2 Enesco Gumma "Luverue, Inc." Classical Full 1983

910 Round / Trip "Philips, Peter" Murbo Publishing Divertimento Full

1200 Royal Bridesmaids' March Casto C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

912 Royal Hunt "Gould, Morton" G & C Music Corp. Concert March Full

913 Royal Hunt & Storm Berlioz "Boyd, W." G. Schirmer Classical Full

1201 Rubber Duckie "Moss, John" "Yoder, Paul" Festival Attractions Quickstep Quarto

1106 Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Marks, Johnny Tatgenhorst, John Ludwig Music Publishing Company Christmas Full 04,

914 Rushmore Reed, Alfred C.L. Barnhouse Tone Poem Full

1107 Russian Christmas Reed, Alfred Sam Fox Pub. Co Christmas Full 2002

Russian Christmas Music for Symphonic Band Reed, Alfred Sam Fox Pub. Co Christmas Full 2001

Russian Folk Themes Overture Ivanov-Radkevich "Yoder, Paul" Leeds Music Corp. Overture Full 1983

915 Russian Sailor's Dance "Gliere, R." "Leidzen, Erik" Carl Fischer Ballet Full 1986

916 Russian Sailor's Dance (Orch. Edition) "Gliere, R." "Isaac, Merle J." Carl Fischer Ballet Music Full

Russian Sailor's Dance from The Red Poppy "Gliere, R." "Isaac, Merle J." Carl Fischer Classical Full

917 Ruy Blas Overture Mendelssohn Shepard Pro Art Publications Overture Full

918 Sabre & Spurs (copies/enlarged) "Sousa, JP" Sam Fox March Sm. & enlg 1995

919 Saint Louis Blues March (2) Handy "Burgett, Perry" Boosey & Hawkes March Sm. S/R ' 02 ' 03

921 Salute the Duke "Yoder, Paul" Tempo Medley Full 1999

922 Salute to Bob Hope "Barker, Warren" Jenson Showtune Medley Full "'81, S.R. 88"

923 Salute to Jimmy Webb "Webb, J." "Cacavas, John" Chas. Hansen Pop Medley Full

924 Salute to Sousa "Sousa, JP" "Christensen, J." Kendor Medley Full 1983

926 Santa Anna's Retreat from Buena Vista "Foster, Stephen" Leist Beekman Early American Full

927 Sapper Patrol, The" "Young, Alfred" Mills March Full

1203 Sarasota March "Evans, Merle" Kjos March Sm.

928 Satellite "Maxwell, Evertt" Southern Music March Full 1984

1204 Satisfaction / The Last Time Jagger "Warrington, J." Carl Fischer Rock Sm.

930 Savannah River Holiday "Nelson, Ron" Carl Fischer Overture Full 1983

932 Scalawag "Grofe, F." Leonard Leonard Novelty Full

226 Scenes from ""The Louvre"" (Based on Ancient Airs; The Portals/Children's Gallery/Kings of France/ Nativity Paintings/Finale)" "Dello Joio, Norman" Hal Leonard Pub. Full

933 Scherzo & Finale Sym. #5 Beethoven Godfrey Chapell Classical Full 1986

934 Schindler's List, Theme from" "Williams, J." "Custer, Calvin" Warner Bros. Movie Theme Full 2002

935 Schmoll, Peter" Von Weber Smith Pro-Art Overture Full

936 School For Scandal, The" Barber Hudson Schirmer Overture Full

937 Schubert Dance Suite Schubert Gordon Belwin Mills Medley/Classical Full 1984

1202 Score (NFL March) Fox Schleifer Screen Gems March Sm.

1206 Scotland the Brave Scottish Folk March Sm.

Scotland The Brave (Band & Pipes) Sm.

1207 Scott Joplin On the March Tatgenhorst Presser Ragtime Sm.

938 Scottish Rhapsody Traditional "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Medley Full

939 Sea of Tranquility Gordon Bourne Contemporary Full

940 Sea Songs "Williams, Ralph V." Boosey & Hawkes Medley Full 1999

1208 See See Rider Rainey Janes MCA Music Blues Quarto

1205 Selim Grotto Boland D.W. Boland March Sm.

126 Semper Fidelis "Sousa, JP" "Gore, Harold" Belwin Mills March Full 1999

Semper Paratus VanBoskerck Schoenfeld Sam Fox March Sm.

942 Serenade (can't locate in the file) Traditional "Reed, Alfred" Hansen Medley/Sioux Full

943 Serenade for Band (Pastoral / Humoreske / Intermezzo / Capriccio) "Persichetti, Vincent" Elkan-Vogel Co. Classical Full 1996

945 Sesquicentennial Celebration (Aurora, Ill, 1877-1987" "Kaisershot, Kevin" Hansen March Full

946 Shadow of Your Smile, The" Webster & Mandel Whitcomb Miller Movie Theme Full 1994

950 Shaffordshire Regiment, The" "Whitcomb, Kenneth" Barnhouse March/British Full 2000

16 Shaker Melody, Variations on a" "Copland, Aaron" Boosey & Hawkes Theme/Var. Full 1988

38 Shannon Suite Traditional Forsblad & Livingston Leonard Suite/Irish Full S.R. 88-89

952 Shop Around Gordy/ Robinson "Wasson, J." "Jobete Music Co., Inc." Pop Medley Full 1995

953 Show Boat Kern & Hammerstein Cable Harms Medley Full 1987

954 Siege of Corinth, The" Rossini Nelson Concert Music Pub. Overture Full 1983

955 Sigmund Romberg Overture Romberg Gold Warner Bros. Pub. Medley Full

1109 Silent Night Gruber "Nestico, Sam" "Kendor Music, Inc." Christmas Full 1990

957 Simon & Garfunkel, Sounds of" "Simon, Paul" Bruden Charing Cross Medley/Rock Full 2003

958 Sinatra in Concert Various "Nowak, J" Leonard Medley Full 1998

959 Sinatra, Recorded by (High Hopes / Young at Heart / Love Is The Tender Trap / Love & Marriage / My Kind of Town)" "Barker, Warren" Warner Bros. Concert Medley Full 2002

960 Sine Nomine Williams & Rosenberg "Houseknecht, Bruce H." Carl Fischer Processional Full

961 Sing A New Song w/chorus "Bencriscutto, F." Kjos Religious w/ Chorus Full

962 Six Country Dances Bach, PDQ" Schickele Theodore Presser Novelty Full 1999

963 Slatt Hjellemo Boosey & Hawkes Polka Medley Full 1983

964 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Rodgers "Lang, P.J." Chappell & Co. Piano Solo Full 1985

1209 Slave Chorus from Nabucco (Speed Your Journey) Verdi Kenny Harold Classical Sm.

965 Slavonic Dances, The" Dvorak "Curnow, James" Jenson Suite Full 1987

39 Sleepers, Wake " Bach J.S. "Williams, Mark" "Alfred Pub. Co., Inc" Religious Full 1999, 04

1112 Sleigh Ride "Anderson, Leroy" Belwin Mills Christmas Full 2000

966 Slippery Gentlemen (w/Trombone Trio) "Walters, Harold L." "Rubank, Inc." Trombone Trio Quarto 1985

Small March (Mickey Mouse) "Dodd, J." "Beeler, W." Walt Disney Prod. Novelty Sm.

967 Smile, Darn Ya, Smile" "O'Flynn, R.M." Jones "DeSylva, Brown & Henderson" Show Tune Sm. 1983

1210 Smile, Darn Ya, Smile" "Rich, Max" "Barovish, Fred" Fred Fisher Music Co. Pop Sm.

1211 Smiles "Roberts, L.S." Banter Music Pub. Holding Corp. Standard Sm.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Kern Lindermann T.B. Harms Co. Standard Sm.

969 Solemn Procession Perle Presser Processional Full

Solo De Concours Clarinet solo w/band Messager Snabely Kendor Clar. Solo/ band Full 1987

970 Somersault (""Twelve-Tone Adventure"")" "Smith, Hage" Frank Full

1212 Something Stupid Parks Leonard Hal Leonard Pop Sm.

971 Sonata for Band "Whear, Paul" Ludwig Sonata Full

974 Song of Destiny (w/chorus) "Brahms, J." "Gardner, M." Staff Music Pub. Trans. w/ Chorus Full

337 Song of Joy, A" Orbe-Waldo & De Los Rios Gilman Barnegat Corruption of Beethoven Full

336 Song of the Bells "Anderson, Leroy" Belwin Mills Waltz Full 1981

Songs of Germany Margis - Barger Reeves G.H. Carl Fischer Medley Full

339 Songs of Israel "McGinty, Anne" Leonard Medley/Religious Full

972 Songs of the American Revolution Munger Shawnee Press Medley/Patriotic Quarto

338 Songs of the Sea Gross Piedmont Medley Full 1980

340 Songs of Wales Davis Ludwig Suite Full

341 Sophisticated Ladies, Highlights from" Ellington "Cacavas, John" Belwin Mills Medley Full 2000

13 Sound of Music, Highlights from" Rodgers & Hammerstein Cable Williamson Medley Full "1991, '02", 2014



105" Sounds of the Season (Most Wonderful Time of The Year / Somewhere In My Memory / Silver Bells) "Moss, John" Hal Leonard Christmas Full 1999

1213 Sousa Spectacular Page 1 "Sousa, JP" "Higgins, John" Hal Leonard Medley Sm.

Sousa Spectacular Page 2 "Sousa, JP" "Higgins, John" Hal Leonard Medley Sm.

Sousa's Famous Marches (small books) John Church Co. Marches Sm.

70 South Pacific, Highlights from" Rodgers & Hammerstein Lang Williamson Medley Full 1999

1214 Southern Accent "Sands, Gene" Warner Bros./Seven Art Medley Sm.

1215 Southern Special (Swing March Dixie) Poole Kjos Dixieland Sm.

342 Southerner, The" "Alexander, R." Bainum Barnhouse Concert March Full "S.R. 89, 90, 02"

343 Spanish Gipsy March Marquina Dawson Schauer & May Paso - Doble Full

344 Spanish Holiday Vaughn & McDunn Schmitt Latin Full

345 Spartacus North "Cacavas, John" Northern Music Co. Medley Full

1113 Special Sounds of Christmas, The (Good Christian Men Rejoice / Angels From the Realms of Glory / Here We Come A Caroling / Deck The Halls / O Christmas Tree" "Christenson, J." Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2000

346 Spirit of Texas "Smith, Claude T." Wingert-Jones March Full 1987

St. Louis Blues March "Handy, W.C." "Burgett, Perry" Handy Bros. Music Co. Jazz Sm. & enlg

347 Stan Kenton in Concert "Scott, W" Robbins Music Corp. Medley Full

Star Spangled Banner & Fanfare (2) "Key, Francis S." Moffit Hal Leonard Anthem/Fanfare Sm. & enlg (all concerts)

Star Spangled Banner & Fanfare Ab & Bb "Key, Francis S." Moffit Hal Leonard Anthem & Fanfare Sm.

Star Spangled Banner & Reveille "Fillmore, H." Fillmore Anthem Sm.

350 Star Spangled Banner, The (2)" "Key, Francis S." "Bennett, R. R." Chappell & Co. Patriotic/ Anthem Sm.

348 Star Spangled Banner, The (w/chorus)" "Smith, J.S." Faninelli Presser Patriotic w/ Chorus Full 1986

351 Star Spangled Spectacular Cohan "Cacavas, John" Edward Marks Medley/Patriotic Full 1999

71 Star Wars "Williams, J." "Burden, J." Fox Fanfare Medley Full 1999

Stargazer (Alfred's Dixieland Combo Series) "Diamond, Neil" "Alfred Pub. Co., Inc" Dixieland Full

349 Starlight Fantasy "Hawkins, Robert" Robbins Music Corp. Medley Full

352 Stars & Bars "Jager, R.E." Volkwein Bros. March Full

1216 Stars & Stripes Forever "Sousa, JP" John Church March Sm.

353 Stars & Stripes Forever, The (2)" "Sousa, JP" Heritage Music Press March Full (all Concerts)

354 State Street Strut "McLeod, James" "Scmitt, Hall & McCreary" Jazz March Full 2000

355 Stephen Foster, A Tribute to" "Nestico, Sam" Kendor Music Inc. Medley Full 1984

356 Sterling Brass "Barnes, James" Belwin Mills March Full

72 Stille Nacht Gruber Davis & Longfield Hal Leonard Christmas Full 1996

73 Stille, Stille, Stille" "Curnow, James" Music Works Christmas Full "1993, 2002"

357 Stone Guest, The (Var. on DonGiovanni)" "Hogg, Brian" Brolga Music Classical Full 1999

Storm King Finlayson Boosey & Hawkes March Sm.

358 Strike Up the Band Gershwin "Moss, John" New World Music Co. Medley Full 1991

360 Strike Up the Band Gershwin "Barker, Warren" Warner Bros. Medley Full "1999, '02"

359 Strike Up the Band Gershwin "Yoder, Paul" Harms Inc. March Full

361 Strippers, The" Rose "Lowden, R." Leonard Novelty Full 1986

363 Studio One "Osser, Glenn" Leeds Contemporary Full

364 Study in Steel "Skar, Sam" Lake Pub. co. Contemporary Full 1980

1218 Sugar Bowl March "Bowles, Richard W." Belwin Mills March Full

365 Suite Concertante Nelhybel Franco Colombo Suite Full

1114 Suite of Carols (Brass Choir) (While By My Sleep / In dulci jubilo / Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming / I Say Three Ships / From Heaven On High I Come To You / We Three Kings Of Orient Are) "Anderson, Leroy" Belwin Mills Christmas Full

366 Suite Provencale "Van derRoost, Jan" De Haske Music Co. Full 1997

Sultan Abdul Medjid, Two Marches for" Donizetti/ Rossini Townsend Mercury Music Concert March Full

1221 Sundown Barsotti Boosey & Hawkes Hymn Sm.

367 Summer Festival Peck Merion Contemporary Full

1219 Summer Holiday, A." "Boyer, Eric" Loop Music Pub. Co. March Sm.

74 Summer In Central Park (for Band & Opt. Improvisation) (Commissioned by the Roseville Community Bands 30th Anniversary) "Bencriscutto, F." Neil A. Kjos Contemporary Full "1997, S/R '02"

368 Summer of 42 LeGrand Warner Theme Sm.

75 Summer Skies "Anderson, Leroy" Chappell Transcription Full 1984

1217 Summertime Gershwin "Higgins, John" Hal Leonard Rock Sm.

1222 Sunny Hebb Whitcomb Portable Music Co. Rock Sm.

370 Sunset Soliloquy "Walters, Harold L." "Rubank, Inc." Soliloquy Full

Super Hits Band Book Big 3 Music Corp. Sm.

1254 Superman "Williams, J." "Lowden, R." Warner Bros. Medley Full

1223 Swanee A La Dixie "Foster, Stephen" Ortone Pro Art Dixie Sm.

804 Swedish Rhapsody, First" "Leidzen, E." Belwin Mills Folk/Swedish Full 2000

372 Sweet Land of Liberty "Sochinski, James" C.L. Barnhouse Patriotic Full 1990

371 Sweet Seventeen Coats Duthoit Chappell Concert Valse/Trans. Full

373 Swing March, The (featuring Percussion)" Mancini "Wasson, J." Belwin Mills Swing Full "1993, S/R '02"

374 Swing Out Sweet Land Singer Lang Sam Fox Cakewalk Full 1983

1224 Swing-A-Long "Yoder, Paul" General Music Co. March Sm.

1225 Swinging Easy Davis C.L. Barnhouse Jazz Sm.

375 Symphonic Dance Williams, Cliffton

376 Symphony # 5 in G Minor Beethovan Godfrey Chappell Sym. Trans. Full 1986

377 Syncopated Clock, The" "Anderson, Leroy" "Lang, P" "Mills Music, Inc." Novelty Full 1999

14 T - Bones Rare Van Auker Hal Leonard March Sm. 2014

379 Tango for Band "Osser, Glenn" Leeds Music Corp. Contem./Tango Full

Tannhauser, March & Fanfare" "Wagner, R." Leckrone Hal Leonard Classical Full

380 Tarantella "Reed, Alfred" Birch Island Music Press Traditional Full 2002

115 Tarantella & Caprice (Woodwind Choir) Baermann & Capelle "Rhoads, Wm." Carl Fischer Classical Full

381 Tchaikovskyana "Daehn, Larry" Bourne Co. Medley/Classic. Full 1981

382 Teddy Bear's Picnic, The (copies)" "Bratton,John W." "Yoder, Paul" M. Witmark & Sons Novelty Full 1997

383 Teen Beguine "Peterson, Jim" H.T. Fitzsimons Co. Contemporary Full 1983

384 Television March "Castellacci, Louis" "Carl Fischer, Inc." Contemporary Full 1984

385 Ten Little Indians "Lang, Newell H." "Rubank, Inc." Novelty Sm.

386 Tenderly Gross & Lawrence "Applebaum, S." Edwin H. Morris & Co. Jazz Full

1226 Tent Twelve Jaeger Boosey & Hawkes Quick March Sm.

387 Testimonials to Liberty (with Narration) "Ployhar, J." Belwin Mills Patriotic Full 2001

388 That's Entertainment "Barker, Warren" Hal Leonard Medley Full 1996

389 That's Entertainment, Highlights from" "Gilman, Elliot" Big # Music Corp. Movie Themes Full 1996

77 Them Basses (copies/enlarged) Huffine Fillmore March Sm. 1993

391 Themes from Grieg "Grieg, Edvard" "Johnson, C.W." Belwin Mills Medley/Classic. Full 1984

390 Themes Like Old Times "Barker, Warren" Queenwood Pub. Old Time Favorites Full 1995

1227 There Go The Ball Game Kander United Artist Movie Theme Full

1228 Thirty-fourth (34th) Division March Latey C.L. Barnhouse March Sm.

392 This Is My Country "Jacobs, Al/Raye Don" "Bullock, Jack" "Shawnee Press, Inc." Concert Pops Full 1995

393 This Is My Country Jacobs Ringwald "Shawnee Press, Inc." Patriotic Full

394 Those Magnificent Movies "Bullock, Jack" Columbia Pict. Pub. Medley Full S.R. 88

Three Carols for Christmas (Lullaby / Coventry Carol / The Star ) "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Christmas Full 1996

395 Three Chorale Preludes "Latham, William P." Belwin/Warner Bros. Prelude Full 1996

397 Three Greek Dances "Has, Nikos Scalkottas" "McGinty, Anne" Hal Leonard Pub. Folk/Greek Full 1983

80 Three Minute Nutcracker Tchaikovsky Conley Hal Leonard Pub Christmas

398 Three Swingsters (Trom. Trio w/ band) Scarmolin "Kepner, F." Ludwig Music Pub. Co. Feature Full

76 Thunder & Blazes (copies/enlarged) Fucik/Laurendeau "Seredy, J.S." Carl Fischer March Sm. & enlg

399 Thunder & Lightning "Strauss, J." Carey Boosey & Hawkes Concert Polka Full

79 Thunderer (copies / enlarged ) "Sousa, JP" Carl Fischer March Sm. 2001

Thunderer, The" "Sousa, JP" Hargar Carl Fischer Sax March Full

400 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree Levine Tatgenhorst Columbia Pictures Pub. Pop Sm.

401 Tijuana Brass, Sounds of the" "Russell, Wm." Chas. Hansen Medley/Latin Novelty Full

1230 Till Danvers Bowles Warner Bros. Pop Sm.

402 Titoro "Taylor, Billy" "Soundpost, Inc." Latin Full

1231 To The Winds Davis Miller C.L. Barnhouse Jazz Sm.

404 Toccata & Fugue in D Minor Bach J.S. "Leidzen, Erik" Carl Fischer Classical Full

403 Toccato Frescobaldi "Slocum, Earl" Belwin Mills Classical Full 2000

405 Toy Symphony "Haydn, J." "Gardner, Maurice" Staff Classical Full

1232 Trafalgar March Zehle Boosey & Hawkes March Sm.

408 Tripoli "D'Anna, A." "Hastings, R." Bourne Co. March Full 1985

Troika from ""Lieutenant Kije""" "Prokofiev, Sergei" "Curnow, James" Jenson Pub. Co. Classical Full

Troika from "Lieutenant Kije" "Prokofiev, Sergei" "Walters, H." "Rubank, Inc." Christmas Full 1990

409 Troika from "Lieutenant Kije" "Prokofiev, Sergei" "Curnow, James" Jenson Pub. Co. Christmas Full

410 Troika from Lt. Kije' Suite Prokofieff "Walters, H." "Rubank, Inc." Classical Full 1981

411 Trombone King, The" King "Paynter, John" C.L. Barnhouse Co. March Full 1990

412 Trumpet Fiesta w/ Trumpet Solo Phillips "Hayman, Richard" "Mills Music, Inc." Solo Full

414 Trumpet Overture Mendelssohn Duthoit Chappell & Co. LTD Transcription Full

413 Trumpeter's Lullabye (w/ solo trumpet) "Anderson, Leroy" "Lang, P.J." Belwin Mills Pub. Corp. Solo Full 1999

1233 Tschaikowsky's Piano Concerto #1, Theme from" Tschaikowsky "Leidzen, Erik" Robbins Music Corp. Transcription Sm.

416 Tulsa, A Symphonic Portrait in Oil" Glis "Ford, M." "Mills Music, Inc." Contemporary Full

153 Tunes of Glory "Cacavas, John" J.W. Pepper & Son March Full 2000

418 TV's Super Hits "Lowden, R." Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Themes Full

1116 Twelve Days of Christmas (Fantasy For Band) "Bilik, Jerry H." "Jenson Pub. Co., Inc." Christmas Full 1990

417 Two Chorale Preludes (A Lovely Rose Is Blooming; O God, Thou Holy God)" "Brahms, J." Guenther Summy-Birchard Pub. Prelude Full "2001, '02"

113 Two Elegiac Melodies (Woodwind Choir) "Grieg, Edvard" "Dawson, J." "Shawnee Press, Inc." Classical Full

1256 Two Grainger Melodies (Six Dukes Went A-fishin' / Early One Morning) "Grainger, Percy" Kreines C.L. Barnhouse Co. Old Eng. Full S.R. 89-90

151 Typical Tropical "Kepner, Fred" "Elkan-Vogel Co., Inc." Contemporary Full

150 Under Paris Skies "Gannon, Drejac & Giraud" "Walters, Harold" Leeds Music Fr. Folk/Medley Full

419 Under The Double Eagle (copies/enlarged) "Wagner, R." Winter Boosey & Hawkes March Sm. "1998, '03"

420 Under The Sea from Disney's ""Little Mermaid""" "Nowal, J./Ashman, H./Menken" Hal Leonard Movie Theme Full 1990

421 Unsinkable Molly Brown "Wilson, Meredith" Frank Music Corp. & Rinimer Corp. Medley Full

18 Valdres "Hanssen, Johannes" Boosey & Hawkes March/Nor. Full 1998

422 Velvet Trombones (w/ 2-4 Trombones) "Wakefield, Foster" "The Music Shop, Inc." Contemporary Full

1235 Victors/ On Wisconsin Elbel Alford Morris March Sm.

426 Victory at Sea "Rodgers, R." "Bennett, R.R." "Williamson Music, Inc." Symphonic Scenario Full 1978

1236 Vict'ry Polka (from movie ""Tropicana"")" "Cahn, S/ Styne, J" "Briegl, Geo." Chappell & Co. Inc. Polka Sm.

428 Vilia Lehar "Davis, A.O." Byron-Douglas Folk/Spanish Full 1984

Vivaldi Concerto in C Major for Piccolo & Band Vivaldi "Reed, Alfred" Edwin F. Kalmus Co Classical Full

1237 Voice of the Guns Alford Hawkes & Sons March Sm.

429 Wagon Wheels w/ chorus Hill & DeRose "Leidzen, Erik" "Shapiro, Bernstein & Co, Inc." Symphony Full 1984

430 Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie Von Tilzee "Conley, L." "Kendor Music, Inc." Dixieland Full 1985

431 Walden "Erickson, Frank" "Chappell & Co., Inc." Pastorale Full

1238 Walk On The Wild Side "Bernstein, L" Columbia Pictures Pub. Jazz Sm.

92 Walt Disney Band Showcase "Werle, F.E." Bourne Co. Theme Full 1985

432 Walt Disney Half Time Show Bertini Disney Pub. Medley Sm.

1239 Walt Disney's 50 Happy Years "Christiansen, J." Hansen Medley Sm.

152 Waltzing Cat "Anderson, Leroy" "Mills Music, Inc." Trans. Full

Waltzing Winds "Osterling, Eric" Ludwig Music Waltz Full

20 Warsaw Concerto "Addinsell, Richard" Chappell & Co. Piano Concerto Full

433 Washington Arch "Phillips, Peter" Murbo Music Publ. March Full 1983

434 Washington Grays March Reeves "Fennell, F." Carl Fischer March Full "1996, '03"

435 Washington Post (copies/enlarged) "Sousa, JP" Carl Fischer March Sm.

436 Water Music Suite "Handel, G.F." Kay T. Presser Co. Baroque Full 1983

1240 Wearing of the Green, The "Carter, O.H." Boosey & Hawkes March Sm.

1012 Weber Dance Suite Von Weber Williams "Shapiro, Bernstein Co." Trans. Full 1983

1013 Wedding Dance from Symphony Suite ""Hussench"" (The Wedding)" "Press, Jacques" "Fennell, F." Ludwig Music Co. Full 1998

1014 Weekend Warriors "Nestico, S." Fenwood Music Co. Concert Rock Full 1984

1015 Wellington's Victory Beethoven Schaefer Belwin Mills Trans/Class. Full 1993

1017 West Point March Official Burden "Shapiro, Bernstein Co." March Full

1241 West Point Song Romberg Schaeford "Harms, Inc." March Sm.

83 West Side Story Duthoit "G. Schirmer, Inc." Theme Full 1990

1000 Western Dance "Grundman, C." Boosey & Hawkes Contemporary Full

1001 Western Portrait, A" "LaPlante, Pierre" Byron-Douglas Publ. Folk Full

1117 What Child Is This? "Bullock, Jack" Columbia Lady Music Christmas Full 1991

1002 When Drums & Brass Make Summons "Richardson, Norman" Boosey & Hawkes Concert March Full

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Gilmore "McLeod, J." Belwin Mills Dixieland Full

1004 When The Saints Come Marching In "Lavalle, Paul" Stargen Music Corp. March Full " S.R. '88, '03"

When You & I Were Young Maggie Butterfield "McLeod, J." Schmitt Music Div. Dixieland Full

1005 When You Wish Upon a Star "Beeler, W." "Bourne, Inc." Theme Full 1984

1006 Where No Man Has Gone Before Jennings Warner Bros. Contemporary Full 1994

1007 Whistler & His Dog Pryor Simpson Edwin F. Kalmus Novelty Full 1987

89 White Christmas "Berlin, Irving" "Bennett, R.R." Irving Berlin Christmas Full 1999

Whoopee John Band Book Vitak-Elsnik Polka Sm.

1008 Who's Who in the Band "Gordon, Philip" Elkan-Vogel Co. Novelty Full 1984

1009 Wilderness Overture, A" "Spears, Jared" C.L. Barnhouse Co. Overture Full

1010 William Byrd Suite "Jacob, Gordon" Boosey & Hawkes Trans. Full 1985

82 William Tell Overture Rossini Sommer Boosey & Hawkes Trans. Full "'81, S.R. '90"

1025 Williams, John; Symphonic Marches" "Williams, J." "Higgins, John" Warner Bros. Theme Marches Full 1996

1026 Willie Nelson in Concert "Holcombe, Bill" Columbia Pictures Pub. Country Full 1985

1028 Win, Place, or Show Freed, Arnold Belwin Mills Contemporary Full 1983

1027 Windroc Overture "Browne, Philip" Belwin Mills Overture Full

1118 Winter Frolic "Lombardo, Mario" Belwin Mills Christmas Full "1983, 2002"

1242 Winter Holiday, A" "Boyer, Eric" Loop Music Pub. Co. March Sm.

1122 Winter Wishes "Brown, Tom" C.L. Barnhouse Christmas Full 1988

1119 Wishing You A Merry Christmas (I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day / There's A Song In The Air / We Wish You A Merry Christmas / Oh Holy Night ) "Rhoads, Wm." Kjos "Christmas, traditional" Full "1987, 2002"

1243 With A Little Bit of Luck Loewe Lange Chappell & Co. Broadway Theme Sm.

1030 With Quiet Courage "Daehn, Larry" Daehn Pub. Religious Full 1997

84 Wizard of Oz, The (Over the Rainbow / Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead / We're Off To See The Wizard / The Merry Old Land of Oz / If I Only Had A Brain)" "Arlen, H./Harburd, E.Y." "Barnes, James" Southern Music Co. Movie Medley Full 1997

1121 Wonderful World of Christmas w/ chorus (Bring A Torch Jeannette / Isabella / The First Noel / Carol of the Bells / Twelve Days of Christmas / March of Kings / We Wish You A Merry Christmas ) "Christensen, J." Hal Leonard Christmas Full 1996

1032 Wonderful World of the Bros. Grimm, The" "Reed, Alfred" Hansen Movie Theme Full

15 Wonderland By Night Klaus/Gunter Neuman Roosevelt Music Jazz Sm. 2014

1033 Woodwind Revelry "Eisch, S.D." Hal Leonard Music Inc. Novelty Full

Woodwond Quintet, Ensemble (Woodwind Choir)" Voxman "Hervig, R." "Rubank, Inc." Classical Full

1034 Ye Banks & Braes O' Bonnie Doon "Grainger, Percy" Schirmer Folk Full 2000

1035 Yesterday "Wilkinson, A." Keys Pops Publ. Contemporary Full S.R.'88

Yesterday & Today Book "Ployhar, J." "Cacavas, John" MCA/ Mills Standards Full 1988

Yesterday & Today Book MCA / Mills Pop Standards Sm.

1244 Yo Te Amo (I Love You) Tango Argentino (No Score) "Rolfe, Walter" "Hildreth, R.E." "Walter Jacobs, Boston" Tango Sm.

1036 You Don't Bring Me Flowers "Diamond, Neil" Alfred Medley Full 1994

1037 You Light Up My Life "Burden, J." Big Hill Music Corp. Theme Full 1989

1245 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby "Warren, H." "Conrad, H." Remick Music Corp. Pop Sm.

1038 Youthful Spirit "Irons, Earl" "Volkwein Bros., Inc." Overture Full 1984

1123 Yuletide Jazz Suite #2 (Deck the Halls / What Child Is This? / The Wassail Song ) "Niehaus, Lennie" "Kendor Music, Inc." Christmas Full 1994

1120 Yuletide Showcase, A. (Joy To The World / O, Come Little Children / Once In Royal David's City / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Away In A Manger)" "Wilson, Patrick" "Alfred Pub., Co., Inc." "Christmas, traditional" Full 1994

1039 Zampa Overture "Herold, L.J.F." "Carl Fischer, Inc." Overture Full

1040 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah "Christensen, J." Charles Hansen Showtune Full "1983, '02"

1041 Zueignung "Strauss, R." "Davis, A.O." Ludwig Publ. Co. Trans. Full 1985

137 Army Goes Rolling Along H. W. Arberg Paul Yoder

109 Puszta Van der Roost, Jan de Haske Dance Full

136 Rising Tim Smith

133 Kyrie Forever Tim Smith

135 Squall Line Tim Smith

132 Last Ride of the James Gang Smith, Tim

134 Bound for the Promised Land Tim Smith

131 Shalako Smith, Tim

125 It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas Wilson, Meredith Hal Leonard Plymouth Christmas Full

95 Spoonful of Sugar Sherman, Richard Christensen, James Wonderland Music

103 Twas the Night Before Christmas Long, Newell Rubank Full

106 Lassus Trombone Fillmore, Henry Schissel, Loras

179 Mars Der Medici "Wichers, J." Molenaar March Sm.

177 Mark of Triumph Sheldon, Robert Birch Island 2009

100 Manzanillo Cianflone, Mario Southwest Music 2004

216 National Salute (Bicentennial Parade March Carter, Charles Charter Publications March

225 Looney Tunes Overture Holcombe, Bill Warner Bros Television Tunes 1982, 2000

228 Lullaby in Latin Edmunds, John F. Kendor Music

46 Christmas Special- Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, O Come all ye Faithful Shaffer, David C.L. Barnhouse Christmas Full 2014

49 Christmas Favorites--Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Holly Jolly Christmas, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Swearingen, James Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2014

333 Away in a Manger Manheim Setamroller Davis, Chip Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2014

334 Three Carols for Christmas Grundman, Clare Boosey and Hawkes Christmas Full 2014

98 English Christmas-I saw three shops, Wassail Song, What Child is This Grundman, Clare Boosey and Hawkes Christmas Full 2014

244 New Sounds of Herb Alpert and the TJB: a medley of Foxhunt, I can't go on Living Baby, Without You and Up Cherry St Alpert, Herb Lowden, Robert Jazz Full

330 Linconshire Posy Grainger, Percy DelleCose, D. D. Pagami and Bro Folk Full 1999

245 Heritage Overture Caudell, Jim Andy Hal Leonard Classical Full

246 Hey Look Me Over from the Musical Wildcat Leigh, Carolyn and Cy Coleman Warrington, John Edwin H. Morris and Co. Showtune Full 2003

247 High Castle Smetana, Bedrich Slocum, Earl MCA Music Full 1983

266 Instant Concert Walters, Harold Rubank Feature Full 2009

272 Irish Posy, Medley Kerry Dance, Gentle Maiden, Wearing of the Green, Londonderry Air Farnon, Robert Jenson Pub Irish Folk Full 1986

282 Italian Festival Osser, Glen MCA Music Medley Full 2000

293 John Williams: Fantasy of Flight Williams, John Smith, Robert Movie Full

327 Liberty Bell Sousa, John Philip Brion, Keith Hal Leonard March Full

268 Intrada Festiva Story, Michael Story, Michael Latin Full 2011

298 Kamennoi Ostrow Rubinstein, Anton Geiard, Jaques Schuberth Russian Full 1989

308 La Cumparista Cianflone, Iradier Tango Full 2000

311 La Polka de Paris Cocavas, John Kjos Music Polka Full 1987

316 Land of Lincoln Whear, Paul LudwigMasters March Full

318 Last Grand Ragtime March Cacauas Southern Music Ragtime Full

254 Huh! What? Durrett, Ward Band Music Press, Inc. Novelty Full 1999

270 Invercargill Lithgow, Alex F. Laurendease, L. P. Carl Fisher March Full 2001

278 Irving Berlin Symphonic Portrait Berlin, Irving Ades, Hawley Hal Leonard Show Tunes Full 1985

286 Japanese Rhapsody Based on Three Japanese Songs Grundman, Clard Boosey and Hawkes Japanese Full 1985

296 Tribute to Judy Garland Holcombe, Bill Columbia Movie Medley Full

300 King Cotton Sousa, John Philip John Church March Full 1998, 2002

303 Highlights from the King and I: I Whistle a Happy Tune, March of the Siamese Children, Getting to Know You, Hello, Young Lovers, Shall We Dance Rodgers and Hammerstein Carter, Calvin Hal Leonard Show Tunes Medley Full 1999

332 Just a Closer Walk With Thee For 5 Brass Instruments Traditional Gellis, Dan Canadian Brass Music Novelty 5 Brass Instruments

329 Linconshire Posy Grainter, Percy DelleCose, D. D. Pagani and Bros Folk Full 1999

319 Latin Reeds Schanke, David C.L. Barnhouse Latin Full

328 Light Cavalry von Suppe, Franz Carl Fisher Overture Operetta Full

322 Le RĂ©giment de Sambre et Meuse Planquette, Robert Fennell, Frederick Carl Fisher Operetta Full

279 Tribute to Irving Berlin Berlin, Irving Barker Jenson Medley Show Tunes Full 1988

284 It's Not Unusual/Delilah Reed Mason Holcombe Popular Full

290 John Henry American Folk Song Davis, Michael Neil A. Kjos Music Folk Full 1987

294 Jubilee Smith, Claude Hal Leonard Feature Full

271 Invicta Swearingen, James Swearingen, James C. L. Barnhouse Overture Full 1990

281 Italian Fiesta Long, Philip Belwin Mills Italian Full 1999

325 Leroy Anderson Portrait Anderson, Leroy Barnes, James Belwin Mills Medely Full 1982

260 I'm Seventeen Come Sunday Grainger, Percy Daehn, Larry Daehn pub Folk Full 1990

263 In Lauschigir Nacht Gaigg, Gustav German Waltz Full

273 Irish Rhapsody Grundman, Clare Bassey and Hawkes Irish Full 2011

274 Irish Suite for Band Anderson, Leroy Wagner Alfred Music Irish Full 2011

291 Joe Logan, Robert Jazz Full

292 Johnny Mercer Medley Mercer, Johnny Cofield, Frank Hal Leonard Medley Full 2010

301 Highlights from the King and I Conductor's Score: I Whistle a Happy Tune, March of the Siamese Children, Getting to Know You, Hello, Young Lovers, Shall We Dance Rodgers and Hammerstein Herfourth, Paul Hal Leonard Show Tunes Medley Full 1999

257 I Got Love from Purlie Udell, Peter and Gary Geld Fox, Sylvan Show Tune Full

265 In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt Suite #1 Grieg, Edward Wasson, John Belwin Mills Orchestral 1999

277 Irving Berlin Showstoppers: Puttin on the Ritz, Cheek to Cheek, Shaking the Blues Away, Steppin Out with My Baby, There's No Business Like Show Business Berlin, Irving Higgins, John Hal Leonard Medley/Show Tunes Full 2010

283 It's Brodaway: Comedy Tonight, If I Were A Rich Man, Oklahoma, Memory, Summertime, 76 Trombones, The Rain in Spain, March of Siamese Children, Younger than Springtime, Climb Every Mountain, It's All Right With Me, Cabaret Edmondson, John Hal Leonard Show Tunes Medley Full 1989, 2003

304 Klaxon Fillmore, Henry Fennell, Frederick Hal Leonard March Full 1996, 2003

306 Knightsbridge Chronicles Kopetz, Barry C.L. Barnhouse March Full 1993

307 La Belle Americana Medley Barker, Warren Wingert Jones Medley Full 1996

326 Les Preludes Liszt, Franz Brown, T. Conway Boosey and Hawkes Classical Full

269 Introduction and Caprice Carter, Charles Carter, Charles C.L. Barnhouse Co Classical Full

310 Lamp of Liberty Symbol of the American Spirit The Statue of Liberty Bencriscutto, Frank Hal Leonard Americana Full 2003

320 Theme from Laurence of Arabia Jarre, Maurice Reed Movie Theme Full

331 Linden Lea Williams, Ralph Stout, John Boosey and Hawkes Folk Full 2002

27 American Christmas Portrait, An (Jolly Old St. Nicholas / Up On The Housetop / Rise Up Sheperds & Follow / We Three Kings / I Wonder As I Wander / Jingle Bells)" Jennings, Paul Jenson Pub. Co. "Christmas, traditional" Full 1991

396 Three Dorset Songs Williams, Ralph Vaughn Stotter, Douglas Daehn Pub Folk Full 2004

406 Tribute to Count Basie Moss, John Hal Leonard Jazz Full

362 Strike Up The Band Gershwin Bullock, Jack WB Music March Full 2010

407 Tribute to Louie Armstrong Edmondson Charles Hansen Jazz Full

415 Salute To The Twin Cities Mader, Carl Ziegler Band Music March Full

369 Summon The Heroes Williams, John Lavender, Paul Hal Leonard Contemporary Full 2008

378 Take Me Out To The Ballgame Edmondson, John Kjos Music Popular Full 2008

423 Valencian Dance Brand, Morris Bramora Publications Contemporary Full

437 Water Music For Horns Handel Jensen, C. M. C. M. Jensen Classical Small

450 Charlie Brown Celebration Cinson, Johnnie Hal Leonard Movie Theme Full

501 Dance of the Hours Ponchielli Bennett, David Mills Music Opera Full

574 Anthem From America Bloch, Ernest Goldman, Richard Franko Summy-Birchard Classical Full

575 President Garfield's Inaugural March Sousa, John Philip Klotzman, Dorothy JCPenney March Full

558 Fanfare and Festival Celebration Shaffer, David Barnhouse Classical Full 2010

636 Beverly Hills, 90210 Medley David, John E. Bullock, Jack Hot & Tangy Music Television Theme Full

560 Fanfare and Flourishes Curnow, James Curnow Music Press Classical Full 2010

596 Anniversary Song from The Johnson Story Jolson, Al Yoder, Paul Mood Music Waltz Full 2004

702 Olympic Spirit: Created for the NBC Broadcast of the 1988 Summer Olympics Williams, John Bocook, Jay Fanfare Full 2008

720 Overture on Russian Folk Themes Ivanov-Radkevich, Nikolai Yoder, Paul Leeds Music Corp. Folk Full 1983

737 Salute to the Patriots Playhar, James Belwin Mills March Full 2004

573 Dream is America Leigh, Mitch Red, Buryl Renleigh Music Classical Full

669 Bugler's Holiday Anderson, Leroy Edwards, Michael Mills Music Feature Full 2009

686 Cartoon Symphony: This Is It, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Simpsons, The Pink Panther, Animaniacs, Merrily We Roll Along Clark, Larry Television Theme Full 2009

807 Flourish for Wind Band Williams, Ralph Vaughn

570 Bugler's Holiday Anderson, Leroy Cook, Paul Belwin Music Feature Full

771 Psalm 46

786 Fervent Is My Longing Bach, J. S. Elkan-Vogel Opera Full

941 On the Twentieth Century, Selections From Coleman, Cy Lang, Philip Notable Music Musical Full

1058 Chanukah Celebration Bobrowitz, David Kjos Christmas Full

867 Happy Birthday Around the World Hill. Mildred Ford, Ralph Oliver Popular Full

900 Rodeo Messang, Ted Southern Music March Full

1029 With Malice Toward None Swearingen, James Birch Island Music Contemporary Full

1057 Celebrate Christmas, Joy to the World, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, God Reat Ye, Low, How a Rose, Angels We Have Heard Del Borgo, Elliot C. Alan Publications Christmas Full 2008

885 Rich Man, Poor Man North, Alex Cacavas, John Leeds Music TV Theme Full

1031 March of the Women Marines Saverino, Louis Belwin March Full

1055 Cartoon Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, Christmas Time is Here, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Story, Michael Belwin Christmas Full 2008

911 Royal Air Force March Post Davies, Henry Walford Gore, Harold Boosey and Hawkes March Full 1985

944 Serenade for a Picket Fence Lyden, Norman Educational Music Service Contemporary Full

956 Sixties Gold featuring Chain Gang, Only Sixteen, You Send Me, What a Wonderful World Wagner, Douglas Abkco Music Medley Full

973 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Step in Time Sherman, Richard Wonderland Music Show Tunes Full

1003 When Honor Prevails Swearingen, James C.L. Barnhouse Full 2011

1011 Up the Street March Morse, R. G. Malmberg, Dennis DMJ Music March Full 2009

1061 Christmas Fancies Curnow, James Christmas Full 2008

968 Sneaky Snake Cianflone, Mario Southwest Music Contemporary Full

1016 We're Off to See the Wizard, Variations on Arlen, Harold Phillippe, Roy Belwin Show Tunes Full

36 Andrew Lloyd Webber: A Concert Celebration Weber, A.L./ Brymer,Mark "Custer, Calvin" Hal Leonard Concert Medley Full S/R 2002

55 Walt Disney Overture "Erickson, Frank" Bourne Co. Theme Full

81 Movies, The" Higgins & Norred "Jenson Publ., Inc." Movie Theme Full

99 Flying Cloud Bratlie, Mike

101 Marching Down Broadway "Barker, Warren" Jenson Publ. Medley Full 1989

102 Pink Panther Mancini Edmonson Columbia Pictures Publ. Show Tune Full 1995

129 Music Man, The" Wilson "Reed, Alfred" Frank Music Corp. Broadway Themes Full 1995

130 Nadia's Theme DeVorzon & Botkin Jr. "Borden, James" Screen Gems - EMI Music TV Theme Full 1994

138 Broadway Show-stoppers Overture "Barker, Warren" hal Leonard Music Medley Showtunes Full

139 Born Free (2) Black, Don; Barry, John" "Miller, Frederick" Keys Pops Showtune Full

141 Evita, Highlights from, (Buenos Aires/High Flying, Adored/You Must Love Me/Don't Cry for Me, Argentina)" "Weber,A.L./ Rice, Tim" Hal Leonard Corp. Movie Medley Full 2000

142 Marche Slave Tchaikovsky "Laurendeau, M" Carl Fischer Classical Full

143 Cortege & Fanfare Rimsky-Korsakoff "Cacavas, John" Sam Fox Opera Full

144 Christmas Festival, A" "Anderson, Leroy" Belwin Mills Christmas Full 2000

145 Little Drummer Boy "Ployhar, J.D." Belwin Mills Christmas Full 1997

146 It Came Upon The Midnight Clear "Shaffer, David" Ch. Barnhouse Co. Christmas Full

147 German Christmas, A" "Hadermann, Jan" De Haske Publisher Christmas Full 04,

148 Joy To The World, Fanfare Prelude on" "Curnow, James" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 2015

149 Fantasy of Carols, A ( Adeste Fidelas / O Come Emmanuel / Good King Wenceslas / The First Noel / Angels We Have Heard On High)" "Bocook, Jay" "Jenson Pub., Inc." Christmas Full 2015

204 Moorside Suite, A" "Holst, Gustav" Wright "Jenson Publ., Inc." Suite Full 2017

625 Beatles, Music of the" Sweeney Hal Leonard Pop & Rock Full 2017

518 Dixie (March) "Gould, Morton" G&C Music Corp. Patriotic Full S.R.'89

464 Classic Rock & Roll "Higgins, John" Goodman Group Rock Full 2016

1050 Adeste Fideles Gould, Morton Chappell & Co. Christmas Full 2016

1056 Celebration of Christmas Carols, A (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Away In a Manger, Deck the Halls) (with CD)" "Bullock, Jack" Belwin "Christmas, Traditional" Full 2016

1108 Season's Greetings Christensen Hal Leonard Christmas Full 2016

1115 Toy Shop, The (Descriptive Fantasy for Narrator & Band )" Colby "Yoder, Paul" Harry L. Alford Christmas Full 2016

90 Second Suite in F "Holst, Gustav" Boosey & Hawkes Suite Full 2016

1103 Nutcracker Suite, Theme from" Tschaikowsky Johnson Belwin Mills Christmas Full 2016

1081 Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas Tonight (Featuring Trumpet Section )" "Conley, Lloyd" Belwin Mills Christmas Full 2016

1068 Christmas Song, The (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)" "Torme, M./ Wells, Robert" "Higgins, John" Jenson Pub. Christmas Full 2016

299 America Cacavas, J. Chappell Patriotic Full 2016

302 Troika Cicchese, Dave Full 2016

309 Tribute to Whitney Houston Brown, Michael Pop Full

315 Lennon Lennon, John Barrett Pop Full 2016

438 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Carroll, Harry Nowack Show tunes Full 2016

439 Sing for America Traditional Ployhar, James Patriotic Full 2016

495 Troika En Traineaux Tschaikowsky O' Neill Witmark & Sons Christmas Full

496 Salvation Is Created (Chorale Act lll, Die Meistersinger/Tschesnokoff & Awake)" "Wagner, R." "Houseknecht, Bruce H." Neil A. Kjos Music Opera Full 2017

499 Rhosymedre (Prelude on a Welsh Hymn Tune) "Williams, Ralph V." "Beeler, Walter" Galaxy Music Corp. Prelude Full 2016

498 Phantom of the Opera, The" "Weber, Andrew L." "Barker, Warren" Hal Leonard Medley Full 2014

497 Nimrod from ""Enigma Variations""" Elgar, Edward "Reed, Alfred" "Mills Music, Inc." Classical Full 2016

266 Marine's Hymn Bennett Carl Fischer March Sm.

266 US Air Force March Crawford Carl Fischer March Sm.

494 Torch of Liberty King, K. L. C.L. Barnhouse March Small

515 "Salute to the

colors" Anthony, Bert Glover, Andrew march Full 2009

525 Hello Dolly (enlarged / copies) "Herman, J." "Warrington, J." Edwin H. Morris & Co. Showtune Sm (enlg) 2016

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585 Alan Silverstri: A night at the movies Silvestri, Alan Brown, Michael Hal Leonard Movie Themes Full 2015

1069 At the Movies With Danny Elfman Elfman, Danny Williams, Justin Belwin Band Movie themes Full 2014

1070 Fantasie, Theme and Variations on Carnival of Venice solo for cornet or baritone Arban, Jean Baptiste Leidzen, Erik Bovaco Music Solo Full 2014

1071 Radetsky March (copies/enlarged Strauss Richardson Boosey & Hawkes March Sm. & enlg 1997

1071 Star Spangled Banner Key, F.S. Bann, Stan Stan Bann Patriotic Full

251 Holiday for Trombones Rose "Herfurth, C.P." "Bregman, Vocco & Conn" Trombone Feature Full 1986

304 Klaxon, The "Fillmore, H." "Fennell, F." Filmore Music House March Full "2001, '02"

1072 Hymn to Joy Beethovan "Ployhar, J.D." Belwin Mills Sp. 91

1257 King Stephen Overture Beethoven Cailliet Sam Fox Publ. Co. Overture Full 1988

305 Knellar Hall "Walters, Harold L." "Rubank, Inc." March Full 2000

1258 Gettysburg Manor, Mike Manor, Mike Manor, Mike Full 2015

1259 La Gazza Ladra Rossini Cailliet Sam Fox Overture Full 1990

1260 Land of Liberty "Lee, Jack" Hal Leonard Patriotic Full

94 Colonel Bogey "Alford, K.J." "Fennell, F." Boosey & Hawkes March Full 2001

951 Sholom Aleichen "Ades, Hawley" "Shawnee Press, Inc." Christmas Full

929 Satin Doll (""Fever"" on backside)" Fever (back side, ""Satin Doll"")" Strayhorn/Ellington McDonald Hal Leonard Standard Full 2003

467 Cole Porter "Porter, Cole" "Bennett, R.R." Warner Bros. A Medley for Concert Band Full

581 Second American Folk Rhapsody Grundman, C. Boosey & Hawks Folk Medley Full

582 American Folk Rhapsody No. 4 Grundman, C. Boosey & Hawks Folk Medley Full

427 Victory! Reed, Alfred Hal Leonard Concert March for Winds Full 2006

559 Fanfare & Festival Celebration "Carvalho, Urban F." "Wm. Allen Music, Inc." Contemporary Full

140 America, the Beautiful Ward Dragon Sam Fox Publ. Co. Patriotic Full "2001, 2002"

603 At A Dixieland Jazz Funeral Spears C.L. Barnhouse Band & Jazz Combo Full 1999

69 Symphonic Jazz Suite for Concert Band (Jazz Solo or Duo) (Jazz-Rock Combo) (I Blues, II Ballad-Rock, III Progressive Jazz)" Bencriscutto, Frank Neil A Kjos Jazz Full 2014

1261 Yankee Doodle Fanfareture David DeBoor Canfield TRN Music Publisher

335 On The Mall (F) Goldman, Edwin (F) Carl Fischer March Full 2001

88 On the Mall (Bb) Goldman, Edwin (Bb) Lake, M.L. Carl Fischer March Full

1262 Suite of Old American Dances Bennett Chappell Folk Full 2016