Practice List (with listening aids)

Full list of the selections for the Spring Concert:
March Slave
At the Movies with Danny Elfman
Marching Down Broadway
Alan Silvestri: A Night at the Movies
Salvation is Created & Awake
On the Mall
Carnival of Venice
Selections from The Phantom of the Opera
Mary Poppins
Hello Dolly
Mountbatten March
Moorside March
Highlights from EVITA
Cortege and Fanfare

Marche Slave -
2 is at 0:58
6 is at 2:28
8 is at 3:30
4 bars after 9 is at 4:02
15 is at 7:31  (Circle 15, is at 7 minutes, 31 seconds)

A Russian Navy Band's recording of Marche Slave, found by Kassie, flautist:

Marching down Broadway

Alan Silvestri: A Night at the Movies

At the Moview With Danny Elfman

"Carnival of Venice"

Troika en Traineaux; it is a piano arrangement.  You can see how the lines, your lines are particularly tied together if you listen to this:

Away in a Manger.  This is the original.  But you can listen to it to see how the parts fit together: