Next concert: 10:30 am Sunday October 4, Twin Cities Marathon

We will be at the SE corner of Summit and Syndicate. If you are coming from north of Summit, you will need to take Ayd Mill Road since Summit will be closed for the marathon. Please wear red band shirt/black pants and bring your own stand and chair.

Next rehearsal (Monday Oct 5) is at the maintenance facility (see bottom of Rehearsals)

Do you play piccolo? We need you!

Want to play in Ireland? See Special Notices

Mike says Gettysburg is here:Gettysburg mp3

The Roseville Community Band has established itself as one of the top community bands in the upper Midwest. It is a "true community band" in that no auditions are required and membership is open to any adult musician. The purpose of the band is to provide the opportunity for the adult musician to play for personal satisfaction and provide a service for the community and its people.

October 2013, 50th anniversary season

October 2013--50th Anniversary Season
The Roseville Community Band is sponsored by the City of Roseville Parks and Recreation Department.